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Parenthood Are You Ready To Take Responsibility?

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Prabhav Adhikari Professor Schleunes English 414-06 April 20th, 2011 Parenthood - Are You Ready To Take Responsibility? For centuries, parenthood has been looked upon as an experience that is to be prized. Young women looked forward to growing up, marrying, and bearing children. In many cultures it is the woman's sole purpose in life, only second to pleasing her husband. At one time there was no greater accomplishment in the life of a young woman than to give her husband a boy who would one day carry on the family's name. From the time of early childhood, female children were trained and groomed to become homemakers. Today, a number of women are not as eager to share their lives with a child. With the era of equal rights, Americans have taken a new view on the female's role in the household. This in turn has changed many female's opinion on parenting. Where parenting was once looked upon with much anticipation and often celebrated, now it is sometimes seen as a burden to the independent women. The many sacrifices that come with parenthood may be too much for some women to concede. The thought of sacrificing the youthfulness of one's body may also be unbearable. One might consider the sacrifices and the rewards, and find that the sacrifices far outweigh the return. With these new feelings of reluctances amongst our society, the decision to have a child, and become a parent, should be thought out thoroughly, considering all the consequences. ...read more.


Either they are not prepared financially, or they are not prepared to make the commitments that are necessary to be a good parent. When one is not prepared, the children suffer by having too many mixed emotions, and having to deal with feelings that they are not loved or cared for. Those not prepared to make all the necessary commitments end up with children who are raised mainly by babysitters, daycares, or nannies, simply because the parents do not have time to devote to the children themselves. Even though to an extent, these possible options may seem to be "just the perfect" solution, it is not. It is not that the children do not adapt to their caretakers; rather, they become frustrated and angry with their seldom present parents in the long run. For example, a baby-sitter will tend a child, but she will not care as much about the child as the child's parents for she will have her own priorities and obligations. Moreover, although a daycare does allow the child to interact and develop strong and sincere relationships with other children, it fails to provide direct attention essential for consoling and protection. And, the children will be the first to take notice of this on top of the minimal day-to-day interactions that they will have with their parents. So then, where is the quality time that the child requires and deserves? It is then that the parents may opt for a live-in nanny, who will provide complete childcare services for the family, everything from A through Z, and keenly partake in the process of the child's physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. ...read more.


For instance, on days when Dimple stays home and is preoccupied to complete her work obligations while her husband is at his office, my grandparents who live with Dimple take care of the child under Dimple's supervision. This type of attention, whether it be from a parent or a grandparent whom the child has already familiarized herself to, is certainly a winning situation for the entire family. And it is through this type of aid that the family manages to overcome any challenges that are thrown into their way, and manages to live a harmonious life while raising their child. A wise man once said to me: "For every small sacrifice, there is always a big reward." The responsibility of parenthood is similar to that. If people cannot see that the reward of being a parent far outweighs the sacrifices that they may deem to be unbearable, they simply should not have kids. For a couple to opt to be parents, they need to be absolutely aware of the responsibility that comes along with raising and providing for that child, no matter whatever the case may be. Considering the child's future and what he or she might demand of his or her parents should be thought out and discussed reasonably by both of the parents. Unless they are truly ready to devote all their time to raising and nurturing the child in every sense (e.g. just as Dimple and her husband do), they should probably consider a little bit more as to whether bringing a child into this world without proper preparation would be acceptable. ...read more.

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