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Jake Scrace HP Combined English Coursework Persuasive Speech: Help the Homeless The cold rain flies like daggers upon you, piercing your skin with icy water that drenches you in seconds. There is no escape, and nowhere to run. You hold a thin cardboard sheet over your head to protect you, but it becomes wet and soggy in your shaking hand within a minute. Your only companion is your beloved dog; he is whining next to you with a plastic carrier bag around him to keep him warm. His eyes, full of pain never leave your face and you are overcome with guilt and worry for yours and his future. A gang of youths saunter past, spitting and jeering wildly, hurling insults at you in disgust and glee, and you curl up in fright to try to escape the cruel world you are in. You wonder why you didn't get a grip and control your life while you had the chance, and then you fall into uncomfortable sleep at 3am, with wet and salty tears slipping silently down your rough and dirty face. I stand before you at this moment to plead for your help and aid with an issue that so many people before me have attempted to improve with no major success. ...read more.


Human nature shows us the importance of family and those without are the spiritually poorest of them all. With a little help from those who can give it, the world will be changed beyond recognition; human co-operation produces results that can bring a smile to a lonely face, and a smile is what this effort is worth. A smile in return for a small donation will bring a happiness to the world that is better than any material objects like money; it will make a bond between the world's inhabitants that will prove that huge things can be achieved with faith and team work. My mother always told me this, and my goodness was she right. So now I pass on the message to a united country to stand together and lead the way. Without you, Help the Homeless, our charity which is dedicated to those living on the streets, can make no progress with its targets. When you make a donation, it will be deposited into an account owned by Help the Homeless which is monitored by the government, so you can be assured your money is going to the right place. At the end of every month, the total sum donated is then divided into twenty cities in the country, where it ...read more.


She was overcome with grief and fled the comfort of her parents, and slept rough in bus shelters, while she stole alcohol from shops and was still heavily addicted to drugs. She was hospitalized several times over the next five years, and her liver began to break down. Help the Homeless then heard Zo�'s story and came to her aid; we placed her in a rehab centre where she was to stay for two years. She then stayed in a hostel with close monitoring, while she began to rebuild her life, retaking an A-Level and then landing herself in a comfortable job as a teaching assistant in a local primary school. A further four years down the line and Zo� is now in a marriage with one child, and a devoted Christian. She is a success at her career; she now works as a sales executive for a large furniture store in Durham. That's Zo�'s story. Many like her have changed their lives and have Help the Homeless to thank for this. We want to help even more, and with you we can do more than ever before. When you next walk down the street, look at the eyes of the closest person living in the gutter. Look at the emptiness, coldness and suffering inside them, and try to walk away without feeling guilty. You can help them. Word count- 1265 ...read more.

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