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"poets rethink everything anew"show how two poems may have given you a new different sense of poetry and comment on how these effects were achieved

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"Poets rethink everything anew" From your reading of poetry, show how two or three of the poems may have given you a new different sense of poetry or of human experience, and comment on how these effects were achieved in the poetry. Refer to poems of at least two different poets. Poets often describe a scene for us to absorb or understand. Occasionally they feed us ideas to make us wonder, question and think. I have chosen the poems "Hitler's first photograph" and "The Captain of the1964 Top of the Form team" because they show us how time changes situations. The poem "The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form team" is written in the first person and is therefore is a more personal poem; the persona is a man yearning to capture the glories of his lost youth. It has a very nostalgic tone that makes it more intense and meaningful. It makes us think that as we get older things do change, and not always for the better: "I want it back. The captain. The one with all the answers". The persona in this poem was a very successful teenager: he was intelligent, confident, had an intense social life, he "lived in a kind of fizzing hope", he had great expectations for the future. ...read more.


Night loud in my head" The most important aspect that the persona recalls is all the knowledge that he had in his young years, this shows us how as times change we usually end up being strangers of the world that we live in because we no longer understand it, the poet expresses this by comparing all his knowledge in the first three stanzas (adolescence period): "The Nile rises in April", "I knew the capitals, the Kings and Queens, the dates", "the white sleeve of my shirt saluted again and again. Sir!...Correct.", "Dominus domine dominum" "The blazer. The badge. The tie." ; and his ignorance in the fourth and last stanza (adulthood): "Name the Prime Minister of Rhodesia", "How many florins in a pound?". All the questions he asks his children are not valid anymore because neither Rhodesia nor florins exist anymore, however he is not capable of understanding this and he instead calls them "thick kids". He is stuck in the past, and this is something that can happen to all of us and condition the rest of our life. This poem has showed me that we can't keep thinking about what we used to be, but we have to think of the day to day, Carpe Diem. ...read more.


his collar and yawns over homework.", this last sentence is trying to express that Hitler has changed History radically, but no one knew at the moment he was being born. Another way Szymborska is showing us that he was a normal child is by comparing him to other boys, using metaphors: "looks just like his folks, like a kitten in a basket". By doing this she is demonstrating that he was, in fact, just normal, and that his parents had the same worries than any other parent. With all these aspects in the poem Szymborska is basically trying to say that we are not born evil, but we might get to be evil with time and experience. It is a way of explaining that what happens to everybody during childhood and adolescence might change what we become. In these poems, both poets are looking at the inevitable. One is saying that youth will fade and people become old, and that people will look nostalgically at their lost youth; the other makes us think that choices made in childhood and throughout our youth affect not only the person we become, but also the way we influence others, in this particular case the whole world. Two thought-provoking poems which have made me feel uneasy. ...read more.

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