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Presentation of Relationships in Othello

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Fern Chambers Othello and Desdemona - presentation of the relationship by Shakespeare Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio, who had been looking for a suitable man for his daughter to marry and is shocked to find out that Desdemona has chosen Othello, the moor, over all other men. From the beginning of the play it becomes apparent that this relationship is under pressure as society including Desdemona's father do not approve of their marriage. Shakespeares use of Iago as a character and his opinions on the relationship such as "An old black ram is tupping your white ewe" let the audience know of the prejudice already faced against Othello, though now we would find this shocking, at the time Othello was written this would have been more acceptable meaning it would not have the same effect on the audience. ...read more.


Through the first acts and other characters opinions of Othello we come to believe that he is a savage beast that has forced Desdemona into marriage, it comes as a shock when we first meet his character to see that he is actually quite the opposite and the idea of Othello and Desdemona's relationship coming from black magic is shattered through Shakespeare's presentation of Othello as a well mannered, gracious man. In Act I scene 2 "I fetch my life and being from men of Royal siege, an my demerits may speak unbonneted to as proud a fortune as this that I have reached" removes any idea of their relationship not being true. ...read more.


Shakespeares use of colour, mainly black and white creates a theme throughout which emphasizes separation between the two colours, a possible echo that eventually Desdemona and Othello will separate as it appears that the two cannot be mixed. For example 'an old black ram is tupping your white ewe' expresses the idea of innocence for the colour white, and an almost beast like image is associated with black, as is black magic thus leading to the idea that Desdemona could not enter into a marriage which Othello in any other way. As we know that Othello is a tragedy, the presentation Shakespeare creates of an indestructible relationship leaves the audience wondering what it is that will breake them apart. ...read more.

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