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R.S Thomas 'Treatment of the Theme Of Old Age In His Poems 'Lore' And 'An Old Man' R.S Thomas was an Anglican minister who was

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R.S Thomas 'Treatment of the Theme Of Old Age In His Poems 'Lore' And 'An Old Man' R.S Thomas was an Anglican minister who was born in 1913 and died in 1965. He ministered in remote parishes in the welsh hillsides amongst hill farmers. The bleak Welsh landscape and the harsh life of the farmers who were his parishioners provided an inspiration for much of his finest poetry. R.S Thomas taught himself the Welsh language in order to understand the hill farmers. Much of his poetry describes their lives in an unsentimental but he does show compassion and understanding for the hard working individuals and the harshness of the conditions they had to endure. Throughout these two poems there are a lot of similarities. The main similarity is that the two poems are both about old men who have had a tough and hard life. Another similarity is that they are in the stage of winter of their lives, meaning that they are in their last stages. ...read more.


The Old Mans attitude is that he is scared of what life will bring him so he takes hesitant steps, we know this as it states 'times' treacherous ice with a slow foot'. Job Davies attitude is confident and assured that he can fight with what live brings him, 'what's living but courage?' Another difference is the way Job Davies says 'What to do? Stay green, Never mind the machine' meaning he likes to stay close to nature and also telling us to not use machines as we will become just like them. But in the other hand the Old Man hates nature and just wants to get away nature as it has not treated him so nice. The rhythm supports the themes of each poem as we see in 'An Old Man' is where the pace is steady and slow, in keeping with the Old Man's approach to life. ...read more.


The last verse of the poem 'An Old Man' is about the poet asking that the pain of death came to the Old Man as softly as possible so that the pain can be as ineffective as the sun does in winter. The last verse in the poem 'Lore' tells us to leave the machine behind and stay as close to nature as possible and also advises us to live life to the full but do not have unrealistic dreams. To conclude, I found that these two poems were very interesting and that the language and style that the poet used really helped the poems. My favorite poem was 'Lore', I thought Job Davies outlook on life was fantastic and also the way he told us to forget the machine and stick close to nature was good advice. I felt sorry for the Old Man as he went through a lot, but so did Job Davies but he overcame it, so can anyone. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sean Rainey 5 Layde English Coursework - 1 - ...read more.

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