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Rachel Ray Vs. Paula Dean

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Jessica M. Bird Ms. Castro Compare and Contrast Cooking Shows English 101 22 October 2009 Rachel Ray Vs. Paula Deen On television today there are many different cooking shows. There are the contests one as well as the home cooking. The home cooking actually teaches you how to cook a meal and are more enjoyable. Rachel Ray and Paula Deen are the two most popular hosts. In a lot of aspects the shows are very similar, but at the same time they are different. Showing individual how to make different meals/snacks is the point of this show. Yet each has a different target audience. Paula targets families more because she is making meals the entire family can enjoy. Rachel also does this, but she targets the party throwers as well. Not high school, college parties, but adult get togethers. ...read more.


She has a very modern kitchen. The colors all go well together. The walls are made of brick that are worn down. Paula has windows to let the sunlight in, making the room brighter and homier. All of the cabinets are white, which is typical of a kitchen. Her counter tops have cooking appliance on them and the counters are made of green granite. She also has flowers on the counters, just like many southern homes. Her kitchens better depict of a kitchen in today's society. It is also not distracting, Rachel Ray is full of personality and has a smile on her face for every show. Due to this it invites the audience in and gets them interested. No one wants to watch a dull person. Through out the show she also jokes and laughs. She seems very confident in herself. However, Rachel seems shy to the camera or the audience. ...read more.


Paula also explained more about the appliances she uses. She also use appliance that would be in every household. Rachel seemed to use more expensive appliances and said where to buy them. In today's economy people don't want to spend more money so they can prepare a certain meal. They like to use what they have at home. Both woman had close ups of the food they were cooking, which is very important. If individuals couldn't see what you were cooking they wouldn't want to eat it. Both Rachel Ray and Paula Deen are great at what they do. However Paula Deen exceeded Rachel. Her kitchen was not distracting but homely. She is more confident in herself and seems to be talking directly to the audience. Deen also has a fuller personality and an inviting voice. If an individual wants to start watching cooking shows to get meal ideas then they should start with Paula Deen. ...read more.

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