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radio script

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English Coursework Characters Officer Shirley Hunton Mr Frawley Mrs Gartley Mr Gartley John Smith Mark Jackson Jane Martin Dean Grey (SFX: Machine making noises, noise increases and then there is a scream. A short musical motif comes in and then fades out. The sound of an approaching police car, the car then swerves, the doors open and shuts, then footsteps are heard followed by a crowd talking and people crying). OFFICER HUNTON: So, what happened here? MRS GARTLEY: (SFX: Sobbing) oh it's awful officer, its terribly awful, poor lil' Johnny, he was so young, it's just so sad. OFFICER HUNTON: (SFX: Sigh) Yes Mrs Gartley, I understand that it was a tragic accident, but you need to explain to me what happened. (SFX: Mrs Gartley continues to cry, repeatedly saying how it was so bad) OFFICER HUNTON: Is there not anyone here that can actually tell me, or at least give me an idea of what happened? (SFX: Footsteps as Mr Frawley walks over) MR FRAWLEY: I may be able to help you out officer, and I must say, you're looking gorgeous today, I wonder if... OFFICER HUNTON: Save your cheap chat up lines for someone who really wants to hear them, now, tell me what happened? MR FRAWLEY: Well basically, everyone was working as usual and Jonny boy ere went in to the incinerator room to do something or rather, next minute, there was a loud scream and bam, he was gone. ...read more.


Machine noise becomes even louder, footsteps begin again, sound of video messing up) MARK JACKSON: What's wrong with the tape? DEAN GREY: Don't know, every time it gets up to that part, the screen goes fuzzy. (SFX: Loud scream, machine becomes very loud and then stops and then fast paced footsteps fade out) OFFICER HUNTON: So, you saw what happened and then decided to run away? MR FRAWLEY: No, it wasn't like that, I got scared, I didn't even see what happened, all I saw was his body half way in and then I ran. OFFICER HUNTON: Ok, I'm going to take your word for it. Dean, let him go, Mark we have some investigating to do. END OF SCENE (SFX: footsteps and sound of Mr Gartley whistling) MR GARTLEY: It's a shame what happened to that poor young man, he had so much potential as well. MRS GARTLEY: Yes it is. This place still scares me though, I can still smell the stench of his hot blood boiling in the machine, it gives me the chills it does. (SFX: Machine roars and begins to make noise) MRS GARTLEY: BRIAN WHAT'S HAPPENING? THE MACHINE JUST SWITCHED ITSELF ON!..B...BRIAN, BRIAAN! (SFX: Machine roars again and then Mr Gartley screams) MR GARTLEY: HEELP...H...HELP THE MACHINE'S GOT ME...TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF! (SFX: Mrs Gartley screams and begins to cry hysterically, frantic footsteps as she runs about trying to turn the machine off) ...read more.


MARK JACKSON: I think you'll want see this. (SFX: Tape is put in to the VCR) OFFICER HUNTON: This footage was before the incident, why are you showing it to me? MARK JACKSON: Just watch OFFIER HUNTON: OH MY GOSH! That sly so and so, what is he doing? MARK JACKSON: Just look OFFICER HUNTON: (Gasp) He's performing the ritual? MARK JACKSON: Yep, he's the cause of all of this. OFFICER HUNTON: We need to get him down to the station now! MARK JACKSON: No, there's no time, we need to get down there now and do the antidote ritual! OFFICER HUNTON: Have you the ingredients? MARK JACKSON: In the car OFFICER HUNTON: Let's go! END OF SCENE (SFX: Machine roaring) MARK JACKSON: It looks like some one has beaten us to it OFFICER HUNTON: It's Frawley! (SFX: Frawley saying incarnations) MARK JACKSON: STOP...WHAT ARE YOU DOING? MR FRAWLEY: GET BACK! (SFX: Mark running towards Frawley, Machine roars and they both scream) OFFICER HUNTON: MARK, NOOO! (Crying) (SFX: Frantic footsteps, Machine still roaring) END OF SCENE (SFX: banging on the door) OFFICER HUNTON: JANE...JANE... OPEN UP, MARKS DEAD! (Crying) (SFX: door opens) JANE MARTIN: What happened? OFFICER HUNTON: I'll explain on the way. END OF SCENE (SFX: Machine roaring) OFFICER HUNTON: How do we stop it? JANE MARTIN: It's too late...there's only one other way OFFICER HUNTON: Which is? JANE MARTIN: A sacrifice OFFICER MARTIN: W...what? Where? Why are you looking at me like that! JANE MARTIN: I'm sorry Shirley OFFICER MARTIN: No...Stay back...No! (SFX: Machine means loudly and then comes to a sudden halt) END Word Count: 2,586 ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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