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Realities of War.

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Brian Zamora Dr. Cross English 1B 28 Sept. 2004 Realities of War In our everyday existence, we are faced with the challenges of the realities of life. Often times we hide our true character in order for those to believe that all is fine in our world. There are no exceptions; all people cover up their actual feelings for different reasons. One reason may be to shelter others from the cruel certainty, or another to portray a perfect life, but in reality, it is non-existence. One author who demonstrates this common behavior is Ron Kovic. In his short story , "Born on the Forth of July", Kovic portrays the world-wide challenges that all people must face, and through his own experiences after the war, depicts the harsh reality that all people living in the real world veil their true state in life in order to protect those we care for. ...read more.


This is as horrible as that. I want to scream. I want to yell and tell them that I want out of this. All of this, all these people, this place, these sounds. I want out of this forever. I am only twenty-one and there is still so much ahead of me (1094). We all tend to cover up our issues from people, especially the ones close to us. While confined in the hospital, Kovic's family comes to visit him time to time. Kovic lets his family think everything is fine and that his injury from the war isn't very severe. He says, " I never tell my family when they come to visit about the enema room...I hide all that from them and talk about the other, more pleasant things, the things they want to hear" (1095). Just like Kovic, we try to portray a better image. We perform this in a way of covering up the truth. ...read more.


We believe, if you drive a certain car or you dress a certain way, you're doing fine. In reality that may not be the case. In Kovic's situation he disguises his injury by learning to balance and twist in his chair. Kovic said, "I learn to balance and twist in the chair so no one can tell how much of me does not feel or move anymore" (1095). Like Kovic we all learn to conceal our true situation. In our society, we all have a propensity to change faces when confronted with different situations, therefore learning to adapt to our diverse environment. For many various reasons we cover up the negative aspects in our lives to satisfy others. The reality in life may be too much for others to consume, just as Kovic's reality of war was overwhelming. As Kovic said at the end of his story, "No one wants too many people to know how much of him has really died in the war" (1095). ...read more.

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