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Red Rings. Crucifixes hung on the door of every house and bound to the necks of every poor soul that knew what was best for them. Prayers of protection .offerings of bread, meat placed on doorsteps of a crescent night.

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Kenton Chan A1Y (5) YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College GCE08: English Language and Literature UNIT 2: 6EL01 Reading Red Rings It's gleaming; glowing, glistening in the night. Shifting every month, revealing itself fully only once. Plague; death; fear in the eyes of every villager. At first sight of the devil's brand. Hanged, violently pelted and finally reduced to ashes until their souls have no chance of reincarnating. Crucifixes hung on the door of every house and bound to the necks of every poor soul that knew what was best for them. Prayers of protection .offerings of bread, meat placed on doorsteps of a crescent night. The Devil's echoes heard at the hours of midnight, the creaking of wood as he slowly indulges. There were many foolish men venturing out at such hours, disappeared for days but appear sickened, possessed by the devils rings. The tainted; found, freed by fire. The only way to God's salvation, anyone will tell you that. Deep in the deserted forest the nights cold, harsh and unforgiving. Crooked Paths haunted by shadows of the tormented dead. Speeding along the path was a frightened Romanian girl comforted under a red hood like a snail protected in its shell. 'I hope she's alive', 'what if I never find her' overwhelming thoughts of never finding her caused the child to helplessly sob; it began to rain. She stopped, standing; hoping this was it. No turning back. ...read more.


Prepare for betrayal of a loved one. Prepare for victory splitting of two. Prepare for changes in three, prepare growth from all four." Amazed by a lark's ability to speak of such wise words and baffled by the knowledge of her name, still made Red confused. "Hmm, umm I don't understand?" Red replied hoping she wouldn't be criticized. "All in due time, for now keep these three cards and take this knife with thee. When the time is right for thou to fulfill thy promise, the signs will be clear. Now leave as what thou seek is awaiting thee." The lady snapped Red pocketed the items and left bewilded without another word, arriving home by morning. Opening the door to her grandmother's house, Red was delighted with joy at the sight of her Grandma in bed. "GRANDMA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I'VE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU" Red cried out, running towards her grandma's embrace. "I'm terribly sorry dear but I'm afraid I was sick and needed to stop for some rest... would you please run down to town to buy rations. If you go now you'll be home before dark. Now if you don't mind me returning to my slumber" replied Grandma. Red felt something different she seemed to have changed but didn't what it was. However she didn't care and was extremely happy because she was alive. ...read more.


They were empty. Puzzled as to how her cards changed, she wondered if this was the signs the lady talked about. She curiously picked up the cards to examine it. ´┐Żntelepciune moartea dizolvarea; wisdom death dissolution. More disappointment she sighed, wondering if this was how her life would be. Pocketing her cards she heard a familiar voice above her. "It is your times to fulfill your promise go and seek my master. This letter is for you." The same silky black bird that Red remembered vividly shot out of a tree, flying away and a small rolled up piece of paper falling in front of her. Come now, I changed your death into life, saved by the edge of my knife. Come now, your only option from death, Is to be part of its breath. Come now, fear not I am here to guide you your first mile, It is your turn to take over my smile. Come now the last of our kind, destroyed by the lust you find. Come now, you shall be rewarded with wisdom and time, you'll be frozen forever in your prime. Come now, my sister for our father has summoned you, your purpose and origins for you to look to. Come now, for you will be nevermore nevermore the same after your change, before your life your destiny already arranged. Come now, Come now. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 WC: 515 Page 3 WC: 543 Page 1 Page 2 WC: 467 Page 4 WC: 220 Total 1745 ...read more.

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