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Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

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Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth As the play proceeds, the audience witness the changing nature of the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. In the beginning lady Macbeth is depicted as the more strong-willed and more steadfast of the couple, while Macbeth is kinder but less decisive. Also at the beginning of the play Macbeth uses terms of endearment towards his wife while receiving almost none in return. Near the end of the play, however, the audience sees a great change within the couple. Lady Macbeth?s madness makes Macbeth the stronger of the two, and his indifference to her death also contrasts mainly with his warm words in the earlier scenes of the play. In Act I scene v when we are first introduced to the character of lady Macbeth the audience immediately sees how ambitious she is and how determined she is to see her husband crowned. We also hear the first term of endearment used by Macbeth when he addresses lady Macbeth as his ?dearest partner of greatness? in his letter telling of the witches? prophesies. ...read more.


This aggressive method of persuasion shows almost a lack of respect for her husband and shows that although Macbeth calls his wife ?my dearest love?, it is possible that Lady Macbeth does not share his sentiments to the same degree. It is also interesting to note at meantime that Lady Macbeth never tires gently persuasion or honeyed words to sway her husband but rather uses more forceful tactics. This is relevant as the first method is usually very popular in dramatic circumstances. It is shown in the murder scene that the Macbeths are very capable of working together. When Macbeth realises the has forgotten to plant the daggers on the grooms, he says ?I?ll go no more? as he cannot bear to look at the crime scene again. Lady Macbeth immediately takes over with ?give me the daggers? and completes the deed herself. This proves that the two are able o work in syndicate with each other and the fact that they can commit murder together proves that they trust each other completely. ...read more.


The fact that Macbeth has ?almost forgotten the taste of fears? in conjunction with lady Macbeth?s ?diseased mind? leads to a total breakdown in the couple?s relationship. Although seeking a doctor to cure Lady Macbeth?s madness as Macbeth instructs to ?cure her of that? seems to testify some last vestiges of compassion for his wife, by the end of the play when Lady Macbeth dies Macbeth sees if only as an inconvenience. He says ?she should have died hereafter?. This total lack of emotion signals the end of any feelings he may have had for his wife and contrast greatly with his earlier lines such as ?dearest cherish?. It shows how much their relationship has changed with the progress of the actions, and shows that it is well and truly ended. In conclusion, it can be sent that the relationship between the Macbeths changes dramatically from teamwork, trust and questionable affection to separation, isolation and eventually utter indifference. It is their own foul deed of murdering Duncan that bring them together in teamwork and the same deed that leads to Macbeth?s tyranny, Lady Macbeth?s insanity, their consequent separation and the ultimate end of their life and love. ...read more.

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