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Relationships at all levels involve complex Powerplay. How is this complexity represented in the texts you have studied? This essay will attempt to prove this idea and the form of its representation in relation to the play, Julius Caesar, the docume

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Essay - Powerplay 'Relationships at all levels involve complex Powerplay.' How is this complexity represented in the texts you have studied? Base your answer on the prescribed text and other texts of your own choosing. Relationships at all levels involve complex powerplay. In the various texts studied, this complexity is represented through the characters and their relationships and interactions with one another. This essay will attempt to prove this idea and the form of its representation in relation to the play, Julius Caesar, the documentary Men of Our Time: Hitler and the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In Julius Caesar, it is seen that power is a valued intangible to many of the protagonists. We view individuals and groups struggling for predominance, control, power and ascendancy and as this historical drama unfolds we observe the betrayal of friends, conspirators, peers and ideals. There is no doubt that in most of the relationships within the play, there is a high degree of complex powerplay. The relationship between Cassius and Caesar is no doubt dominated by power. ...read more.


The only reason these characters treat the crowd as they do is to get their support and rule over them. The complexity of the powerplay in relationships, by being represented through the characters the play, portrays powerplay as being very dangerous. This is in fact where the complexity of it lies - humans struggle for power, which is such a dangerous thing. Its dangers are more easily seen when we take a holistic overall look at the play and the fate of many of the characters. The result of all the powerplay is namely murder, treason, suicide and corruption. Caesar, most concisely, represents the dangers of leadership. Here is a great man, a courageous man, a proud warrior and a cunning politician. Yet he is vulnerable to the seductive nature of power. His ambition leads to his destruction. Perhaps this is a warning about the nature of leadership, that trust is a dangerous commodity in public life. The nature of charismatic leadership is that those who inspire also create powerful enemies. ...read more.


The Party exerts its totalitarian political power not for any greater good, but as an end in itself, as we saw the case of Hitler. O'Brien tells Winston " The object of power is power." The Party 'are interested solely in power', and their power is found "in inflicting pain and humiliation...in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again". The relationship of the protagonist, Winston, with the state is again one of powerplay. By the conclusion, we realise that Winston, the incipient rebel who appears to have been thinking and acting independently, has in fact not been. Like many others, he was made a thought-criminal. He is used as a mere commodity. The purpose of these criminals is merely to satisfy the Party's lust for power. In conclusion, relationships at all level do involve complex powerplay. In Julius Caesar, Men of Our Time: Hitler and Nineteen Eighty-Four this complexity is delivered through the characters, their actions and their interactions with each other. Power is also shown as a potentially destructive device. ...read more.

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