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Remains of The Day (Kazuo Ishiguro)3. How does the language used and descriptions emphasise or mirror Steven's character? "I always considered it my duty to develop a good accent and command of language

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Quiz 3: Remains of The Day (Kazuo Ishiguro) 3. How does the language used and descriptions emphasise or mirror Steven's character? "I always considered it my duty to develop a good accent and command of language". This is Stevens' language in the Remains of The Day. Language is immensely important, by listening to a person speak just a few words we assume a great deal about their economic and social background assigning them a stereotype and life. In 'Remains of the day', we are presented with a first person narrative of Stevens, an old English Butler quite old-fashioned for his time. His language is adopted and his mannerisms reflect that of the Victorian society from which his language was formed. In order for us to know Steven's character, we have to examine his narration, his language, and his mannerisms and try to explain and justify his actions. I think Stevens' language is extremely important in understanding his character, as it is self-styled and conscious, therefore he uses this language for a reason however, the unconscious and social effects it has on Stevens carry equal importance when summarizing his character. ...read more.


The Victorian ideology Stevens attributes to by using the language forces him to believe, he is at the bottom of the social hierarchy, and cannot change things. In order to make a difference he must serve someone who is great, a person who can change things for the good. Stevens' act of taking on the language of the Victorian upper-class society, has made him to instilled the belief that caused him to pressurize him to loose his identity and restricts his life. He also becomes an object to himself and others. Stevens' adopted language restricts him from having personal relationships with anyone. Stevens managed to find a friend, a Butler Graham with whom he speaks to at length about how to be a great butler. However, Stevens finds out that he cannot find a detached way with the other butler because he feels that there is no suitable opportunity arose for Stevens to gain such information. This is including to get in touch with him, and to develop the friendship. He thinks that like the other entire emotional outlet that he has discovered, it is unrealised or lost due to his failure with his adopted language. ...read more.


It is clear Stevens has feelings for Miss Kenton as he can not use the detached language he adopts with her as this language carries the ideology of dignified people above primitive urges and emotions, however Stevens is feeling deeply embarrassed and harbours feelings for Miss Kenton. Unfortunately, for Stevens he has completely lost the ability to express his emotions due to adopting this Victorian ideology so religiously. His language restricts him, stopping him from having a relationship with the woman he loves. Stevens has not lost his Victorian ideology as he decides to become a more desirable object for Mr Farraday, just as he had done for Lord Darlington. It is not clear, in the end, the extent to which Stevens realizes he has deceived himself, despite revealing to himself his theories of dignity and loyalty in his service in which expressed the emptiness his own life. Therefore, he continues to view himself as an object who is still referring himself as 'one'. He also looks upon the task of learning to banter as a duty expected by an employer of a professional. All in all, Stevens' uses of language is actually imitating or adopting the Victorian language since he believes that it will make him feels appreciated and puts him in certain hierarchy class in the society. ...read more.

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