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Restaurant Review and Menu. Compare the ways in which text 13 and 14 achieve their purposes.

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´╗┐Hebah Ahmed Q) Compare the ways in which text 13 and 14 achieve their purposes. Text 13 is a review of ?The modern? restaurant by well known food critic Matthew Norman, the purpose of the review is to inform readers of Norman?s opinion about the restaurant and also to persuade them to eat their or not, the case being the latter as Norman did not like the restaurant which he makes pretty clear through his lexical choices, Norman also wants to entertain his audience he achieves this through the use of hyperbolic phrases and sarcasm. Similarly text 14?s aim is to also persuade, their audience being customers as text 14 is a menu for the restaurant ?The Modern? which happens to be the one reviewed by Norman. The purpose of the menu is to both persuade and inform the customer of the dishes available to buy and how good they are, this is achieved by the heavy use of pre modification and graphological choices. ...read more.


this is definitely an exaggerated statement to make, there are also a lot of connection made with death and the finalisation of things Norman uses phrases such as ?Last place on earth?, ?Final meal? and ?death row? at a semantic level it can be seen that Norman is doing this to achieve humour and show how bad the experience was. On the other hand pragmatically it can be seen that Norman makes several death related comments throughout the article for example he writes about his near death experience stating ?not quite dying recently on the m6?, near the end of the article he states ?we risk our lives In service, too?. Norman is clearly distressed by his near death experience and this also reflects how he feels toward the entire evening, in fact he spends majority of the article talking about this rather than the food itself. This adds a sombre tone to the article and although his experience has nothing to do with the food, it will make the reader feel more inclined to also disliking the restaurant which is how Norman wants them to feel. ...read more.


Both text 13 and 14 use personal pronouns to build a relationship between them and the audience, for example in text 13 Norman writes in the heading ?so you won?t have to? similarly in text 14 it says on the menu ?our commitment? and ?we?ll leave the carving up to you? by using these personal pronouns the readers of the article and the customers of the restaurant are able to feel more connected to Norman and the restaurant and consequently more likely to purchase dishes from ?The Modern? and listen to Norman?s advice. In conclusion both text 13 and 14 were able to persuade and inform their audience of the experience they had to offer, Norman?s review through the use of humour and a blunt approach is able to show how bad the quality of the food at ?The Modern? really is and persuade people not to eat there and the menu of ?The Modern? through its detailed linguistic techniques was able to persuade people that their food was worth paying for. ...read more.

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