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"Return to the tower of Babel, English is becoming the language of world communication, to what extent is this march towards a single world language useful or desirable."

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"Return to the tower of Babel, English is becoming the language of world communication, to what extent is this march towards a single world language useful or desirable." Palna Patel 5/9/2007 English is the mother tongue in about 40 countries, and around 1.6 billion use some form of English today. The most commonly spoken language is Chinese, but English has inarguable achieved a sort of global status, it is the language of most people communicate in, and is the main language of the Internet. However it is not likely going to become a global, single, world language since the majority of the world's population do not speak it at all. The Internet's users use it for entertainment, research, information, and education; this means that most developed countries have access to the Internet and thus speaking or understanding some form of English. The importance of this language and its worldwide spread came from the early imperialism of England. Also most of the world's powerful nations such as USA and England have this national language. ...read more.


People would become closer and the world would become more interactive between countries. Since people would have more in common and easy communication it may lead to less racism. In a sense, the different languages are slowing down technological and scientific advances. Having a single language would speed these advancements up. In many developing countries it is essential to learn English if one is to go into international business or legal affairs, therefore it would be beneficial if English were spread worldwide. A universal language is a bridge joining countries together and easing contact. If the world spoke a single language, one that everyone recognized and communicated in, it would leave many questions unanswered. What would happen to the other languages? What would happen to religion? Having English as a single language would lead to many undesirable effects. This march would mark the erasing of cultures, religion, and individuality. The language of a country carries its history with it, it may be seen as a gain in a universal language, however it is really a loss in different languages, histories, and cultures. ...read more.


The Internet is the main source of learning English, and the place where one language is used the most, but many people do not have access to Internet. Another main problem is whether these countries will accept English as a new official language. There is also the difficulty of dialects, accents, slang words, and definitions, which may cause confusion and hence not creating an effective single language. Through one aspect, English causes wide range of expressions, if English was to become a universal language, people would concentrate on creating more depth to it, and making it more precise. For example instead of translations from one language to another in a specific subject such as Chemistry, the topic of matter could just be more researched, thus leading to more global advancements and knowledge. However the idea of a single language is impracticable in a sense, because it would be a huge task for all the people in the world to learn English, they would have to be educated, maybe even learn to write a new language. Therefore a march to a single language maybe is useful and desirable, but it also has its negative sides. ...read more.

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