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Rhoda Brook has many difficulties to face - How does she cope with them given the way people would feel about her situation at the time?

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Katrina Morris-10N Rhoda Brook has many difficulties to face. How does she cope with them given the way people would feel about her situation at the time? Rhoda Brook was a milkmaid who was in her early thirties. She worked on Farmer Lodge's farm milking the cows, Farmer Lodge adored her when she was younger, this lead to them having an affair; Rhoda became pregnant. Farmer Lodge decided to end their relationship, Rhoda had to continue her life looking after and bringing up his child, but she remained working on the farm being ignored by almost everyone. During this time Rhoda faced many difficulties including other milkmaids talking about her. I think she coped very well because she walked away from the situation and worked alone, She was considered different from the other milkmaids and perhaps that was the reason why the villagers believed she was a witch. She ignored their suspension and was ruled by common sense. ...read more.


This brought difficulties towards her because she saw the finger marks on Gertrude's arm. When Gertrude told her the exact time and date this happened she knew she had caused the injury. "Rhoda Brook felt like a guilty thing." She had mixed emotions. Rhoda liked Gertrude and appreciated her kindness but was so jealous of her. Rhoda didn't mind Gertrude being less attractive to her husband but she didn't "which to inflict upon her physical pain." She then had to face knowing and being with Gertrude while her arm was wrapped up, withered. She would have had to think about this all the time and probeley felt really embarrassed when with her. Rhoda and Gertrude went to Conjuror Trendle. He was in those times the men that man was believed to a wizard knew everything. He said that he could show Gertrude who the person was that injured her. At this point of time Rhoda felt really nervous considering she was the one that actually did this to Gertrude, and that they had become best friends didn't help. ...read more.


This must have brought difficulties to her because she properly had to see Gertrude and also look at Farmer Lodge, she probley felt unwanted and needed help so desperately for her son that had built courage up to go and see him. When her son was found guilty and was arrested to be put to death. This was terrible time for Rhoda because she had lost her best friend Gertrude, her old husband; Farmer Lodge and now her son is next to go. She probley felt really lonely, and also she was proberly overwhelmed by the whole thing. The only thing Rhoda could do was to find Gertrude and put her Withed arm on the boys neck. After a lot of persuading she did it and the boy was healed, at this point of time Rhoda exploded with emotions, she was happy that her son was alive and also sad because Rhoda was getting frailer. After this incident Gertrude dies and then Farmer Lodge moves away, this proberly also make Rhoda sad that Gertrude had died but also happy because Farmer Lodge has moved away. Farmer Lodge dies. ...read more.

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