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Riot and disorder in Verona

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15/7 Monday Riot and disorder in Verona Yesterday, the quite and peaceful main street of the town of Verona turned into a place of violence riots. It all began on the fresh Sunday morning when two male servants of the Capulet household, armed with swords and buckler tried to start trouble with the house of Montague. The event began as just a small argument between the servants of the two families but soon the officers and even the Prince himself was called in to put a stop to the growing disturbance. ...read more.


I warned the members of the two families that if they disturb our streets once more, they would pay for their actions. But for this last time, I will not punish the people responsible." Marian, an innkeeper who witnessed the riot tells what happened. " I was there when the whole thing began. It all started when Abraham and other servants of the Montague household accused Sampson and Gregory of biting their thumbs at them as signs of insults. ...read more.


Then Capulet and Montague heard the noise of the fighting in the streets and went out wanting to take their hatred out on each other. The violence finally came to an end as Prince Escalus arrived at the site. The two household was warned by the prince and then departed." The Montague and Capulet have a long history of hatred for each other. Many of the time these quarrel became violence fights that disturb the peace of others. What happened yesterday should never happen again. To keep Verona quiet and peaceful, the Prince is needed to make harder punishments for those who chooses to cause trouble. Article written by Vic ...read more.

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