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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Who's to Blame In this coursework I will be looking at who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death. In this play I think there are many characters responsible for their death. I will be looking at some of these characters and find out why they are responsible. The very first characters that I think are to blame are the leaders of the house i.e. Lord Montague and Lord Capulet. Because of their old enmity between them did the fights occur between the two great families. Many a times they went to such extent where the fought with their swords even when the price warned them. At the start of the play there was a street fight going on, the leaders of the families wanted to get engrossed so much in the fight that the Capulet says in Act one scene one, " my sword, I say! ...read more.


To my knowledge, I think the nurse is to blame as well. Although seem may seem very innocent and had been working for the Capulets for a long time. She knew it crystal clear about the enmity between the 2 families yet she tries to bring them together. It was her wrong inspiration in thinking that by bringing Romeo and Juliet together the enmity between the two families will be resolved. It's shown in Act two, scene five that how the nurse tries to bring the lovers' together. She asks, "Have you got leave to go to shrift today?" this quote shows how encouraging she is to get the lovers' together. Therefore due to her wrong inspiration she increased the enmity rather than decreasing it and this led to the lovers' death. Once again to my understanding, I think the monk, Friar Lawrence is also to be blamed. He had a master plan to reveal all the truth about Romeo and Juliet's relationship. ...read more.


I particularly blame Lord Capulet because of his 'patriarchy'. He was so much conceived about his own public image than with Juliet's happiness. This patriarchy is seen in Act three, scene four where Lord Capulet says, "...To go with Paris to Saint Peter's Church, Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither". This quote shows how cruel the Capulet is just to save his honour. However I think that the devil behind this is Prince Escalus. Although he did try to create peace between the two families in Verona. But the point where he went wrong was when he made the wrong judgement when he banished Romeo. This banishment turned almost everyone against Romeo in Verona. Escalus was greedy with his decision because he wanted Count Paris to marry Juliet as they are related. Therefore I think that the leaders of the family and the prince are to be blamed over all the suspects mentioned above. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework Komail Rajani Romeo & Juliet ...read more.

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