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Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a very famous play written by William Shakespeare. It is about two "star-crossed" lovers who meet and instantly fall in love. However, it is a complex and intricate story. There is a tragic twist; the lovers come from similar "dignified" families, which have been feuding as the result of an ancient grudge. There are killings, murders and violence on the streets of Verona, where the original story is set. My version of Romeo and Juliet will be set in the past, rather then the widely used contemporary settings that are often used in films. It will be set in the countryside outside the fair city of Verona.. There will be fencing type fights, and the story will reflect the society of the fencing age. The two households will both be alike in dignity in the respect that they are both fighting over a stream which runs through each of their lands and is an important source of irrigation. The two households are named in the same way as the original story; Montague and Capulet. The feuding of the two families will be based on the water rights. Each family owns a farm, with very high status because of the amount of land that they own. Through the centre of both farms flows the stream. ...read more.


He is obviously afraid of taking the weapon out because he does not want to provoke the Montague. Instead he says I will take my weapon out soon, first YOU start a fight. He is afraid to start one himself, and should appear to back down, behind Gregory. Gregory does not trust him; he fears he will run away. Sampson does however start a fight by biting his thumb. The Montague servants come and ask "Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?" An argument breaks out; where it is clear that both sides do not want to start a fight. When asked if he quarrels, Abraham (of the Montague household) says no sir! When the servant's brawl breaks out, there should be a substantial amount of withdrawal on both side's part. Both sides hate each other enough to fight, but are afraid to carry the responsibility of starting it. When the quarrel starts, Benvolio walks in, and shouts in a booming voice, "Part, fools! Put up your swords; you know not what you do." He is a figure of authority, and does not want a fight to break out. Benvolio should be seen as an authoritarian figure, much better in fitness and strength, but also caring and should not show so much hatred for the Capulets. However, after this, Tybalt walks in, and he provokes further fighting. ...read more.


When Benvolio and Romeo walk out towards the market centre where the fight was, Romeo is talking of where to eat, when he realizes the blood, flaming arrow and people's bodies on the floor; as if he only just noticed them because he was too preoccupied earlier. 'O Me' must be said in a loud and surprised voice. Romeo will walk around looking at the dead bodies on the floor, occasionally turning one over. However he still will be depressed, and will still talk of love. Finally, Romeo will directly admit loving a woman - 'I do love a woman'. Here Benvolio realizes his predictions were right, and speaks out loud he 'I aimed so near, when I supposed you loved' Here Rome becomes a little less heavy hearted; talking of how fair his love is, but soon he remembers she will never be his because of a vow to God, and is equally depressed. They will exit out toward a pub, where Benvolio will say the last words f the scene in a lud voice - 'I'll pay that doctrine, or else die in debt' showing his friendship twards Romeo. All the way thrugh this scene, Bevolio must seem supportive, as if he is there to listen to Romeo, and Romeo must seem lost in thoughts, tired in the way he walks and very depressed. It is a sad scene ,and this must be shown in the way the characters say the words, and Rmeo must always speak in a dull tone. ...read more.

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