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Romeo And Juliet

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Act 3 scene 5 is set in Juliet's bedroom. It starts with Romeo and Juliet in bed together talking about the nightingale and how that it is not yet daylight. "Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day". At this point in the play it would be one of the last times Romeo and Juliet spend together before Romeo is to leave to Mantua. Not long after Romeo has left, Juliet's mother (Lady Capulet) enters her daughter's bedroom, where she notices that Juliet has been crying. Lady Capulet thinks she is grieving over her cousin Tybalts death but she is actually upset over that Romeo has gone and she doesn't quite know when she is going to see him again. ...read more.


Juliet's father feels unappreciated by Juliet in this scene which leads him to get very mad with her where he starts to threaten to disown her if she doesn't obey his wishes to have her marry Paris on Thursday "hang, beg, starve, die in the streets!" "Graze where you will you shall not house with me". Juliet then begins to plead to him but he is so mad he will not have any of it "I'll not be forsworn" suggests he will not be persuaded and he will not change his mind. Juliet's Nurse Try's to stick up for Juliet but Lord Capulet silences her which leads to Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet exiting Juliet's bedroom. Juliet is very anguished by all of this. ...read more.


as though her father is just thinking of his happiness only and not hers and that she should have a choice of to whom she marries and not to be controlled by her father. They would feel sympathetic because a modern audience would relate to Juliet because they're aren't any arranged marriages in modern times because women have free will and choice over their own lives. Where as in Elizabethan times the audience would feel more sympathetic towards Lord Capulet because it relates more to how the Elizabethans live and how Lord Capulet is Patriarchal and Juliet should do what he says for the sake of the families wealth. For the setting of my version of act 3 scene 5 I have chosen to set this scene in modern times which would make a modern audience sympathise with Juliet rather than Lord Capulet. ...read more.

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