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ROmeo and Juliet

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What Different Ideas About Love Does Shakespeare Present In Act 1 Scene 1, Act 1 Scene 5 And Act 2 Scene 2? Romeo and Juliet is one of William Shakespeare's most famous tragedy plays. The play was written in 1955. Shakespeare is very well known for writing tragedies and Romeo and Juliet is a fine example of this. The play is based on 'two star-cross'd lovers', Romeo and Juliet, who fall in love despite their families being enemies. Love is presented throughout the play in various different ways and forms such as in family love and Romeo's love for Juliet (love at first sight, powerful love, pure love and physical love). ...read more.


'She hath forsworn to love' (Act 1 Scene 1, Line 217), this suggests that Romeo loves Rosaline, but he thinks that she doesn't love him. When Romeo and Juliet first meet Shakespeare uses a very high level of imagery to emphasis how Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight. The imagery used to show Romeo's love for Juliet is to a much higher level than that for Romeo's love for Rosaline. Romeo's describes Juliet as 'a snowy dove trooping with crows' (Act 1 Scene 5, Line 47), meaning that she stands out from the crowd, this is how Romeo sees her. Shakespeare describes their love through Juliet as 'Too like the Lightning' (Act 2 Scene 2, Line 119), the word 'Lightning' refers to Romeo and Juliet's love being so fast and out of nowhere, full of brightness and life. ...read more.


by Juliet as he keeps coming back to her and always finds it hard to leave her and go away. Romeo and Juliet's love can also be described as pure. 'Juliet is the Sun' (Act 2 Scene 2, Line 3), Shakespeare uses this metaphor to emphasis how Romeo thinks Juliet is so bright. 'The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars' (Act 2 Scene 2, Line 19), He compares Juliet's cheeks to stars and says that her cheek is much brighter than the stars, so much brighter that her cheek would shame the stars. This suggests that Juliet must be really very bright, as the stars are amazingly bright but Juliet is much brighter. Romeo and Juliet have also have a lot of physical love........................... Shakespeare has made use of light and dark imagery to describe and emphasise Romeo's love for Juliet.......................... ...read more.

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