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Romeo and Juliet - Choose two incidents, one private and one public and show how the settings helped to make the words and actions of the characters vivid.

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ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT Some incidents in the play take place in the public streets, others in more private settings. Choose two incidents, one private and one public and show how the settings helped to make the words and actions of the characters vivid. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was written in the late 16th century. It is a play where two love struck teenagers come from enemy families and for their love they kill themselves for each other. The Public setting I have chosen to write about is the riot on the streets of Verona between the Montague's and Capulet's in Act 1 Scene 1 of the play. Two servants from the house of Capulet (a noble and well respected family in Verona), Gregory and Sampson are roaming the streets of Verona just teasing each other and just generally looking for trouble. When they see the Montague servants they want to pick a fight for no apparent reason. "My naked weapon is out: quarrel." Sampson is saying to Gregory lets start a quarrel. This shows the rivalry between these two noble, high ranked families, even when they pass one another in the streets they can't avoid causing a spectacle. The Capulet's spurred the Montague's on by biting there thumb at the opposition, this in olden times was considered to be like when someone puts there middle finger up at some, and this gets people annoyed and aggravated. ...read more.


However as the full scale riot is going on in the streets of Verona the two old and honourable Capulet and Montague are on the warpath with their wives Lady Capulet and Montague trying to restrain them. This shows the over all rivalry, the servants are fighting and the masters are fighting, the rivalry between these two auspicious rivals is. The fight is soon concluded when the almighty Prince and his men intervene. The Prince comes in and almost immediately most of the men stop the combat, with the exception of a few, he bellows out again until everyone stops to listen him. Then he says to the Old Capulet and Montague three fights have occurred because of a few words and our quiet streets of Verona have come into Mayhem again because of you two families. He then goes on and says if this very happens again you will pay for it with your lives, the prince then tells Capulet to go with him and Montague to go and visit him later to see what the Prince has decided to do on this matter. The Private scene, which I have elected to do, is the party that happens at Old Capulet's house. Romeo and Benvolio and other Montague servants have gate crashed the Capulet's party for one simple reason, to see all the girls. They have come into the party wearing masks so their enemies cannot spot them. ...read more.


Then Capulet goes of and leaves Tybalt standing there without having is request accepted and he does just talk to himself about being patient. I think the factors in this scene that make it vivid are the ways in which Old Capulet reacted when he was notified that a foe was in his own house enjoying himself, he was cool, calm and collective. I think he did not approach Romeo and tell him to leave because there would have been an enormous riot as had occurred earlier in the day, also because there were other noble and high classed people at his party and he did not want to give himself a bad name. But I think the main reason he let Romeo of was because he had a soft spot for him, if it had been a fellow Montague like Benvolio or something them I think it would have been a completely different encounter. But Romeo was probably not renowned for fighting because he was not in the confrontation, which had occurred prior to the party. In conclusion I think the Capulet were more restrained in their own home in comparison to in the streets, although Tybalt was as hot and fiery in the private setting as well as the public. I think the Capulet's started all the feuds in the public setting the two servants started to quarrel with the Montague's, then Tybalt with Benvolio, but Old Montague and Capulet were as bad as each other although Capulet made up for it by letting the young Romeo off. Jinesh Adatia 1 ...read more.

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