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Romeo and Juliet Commentary

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Romeo and Juliet Commentary There are different aspects in Romeo and Juliet, which have to be covered in a creative writing theme. One of the main factors, which needs to be illustrated in whatever form, is the fate of Romeo and Juliet's relationship which had uncertainty surrounding it from their first meeting. No matter how many steps they take to aid their relationship, it seems that the sinister air, which has been present between the two families for years, will shroud Romeo and Juliet's relationship. I tried to express this point in my creative writing by emphasising Romeo's disbelief in the situation, however also stressing the strength of his love for Juliet. We are the most unlikely people to ever have feelings for one another I do realise that, but whoever rules this planet wants to detach Juliet from my grasp, heart and whatever is connected to my heritage. This quote reflects Romeo's understanding of the whole situation and how he falters under the pressure of the environment that he is in. He accepts the circumstances in the diary entry and seems to be apprehensive about pursuing the relationship with the knowledge of his family. ...read more.


The last two lines of the quote that I am writing seem to understand the importance of Romeo's endearment for Juliet, however they are still shrouded with confusion by the star theory. The last two lines translate in my eyes as the stars will bitterly give way to Romeo and Juliet's love for each other, however they will have to live with the outcome of not being conscious of this warning. 'So show a snowy dove trooping with crows' The quote emphasises diverse appearances and how the two combined show opposite qualities. The idiosyncrasy and purity of a doves features is compared with Juliet's beauty and the mass number of trooping crows are compared with the women in the hall. I notice how Shakespeare stresses that the crows are in a group where as the dove is solitary in beauty. This quote describes feelings for Juliet for he seems to filter out any other disturbances in the room and manages to concentrate on only Juliet. In my diary entry, Romeo commits his writing to Juliet and becomes annoyed if any other object gets in his way; therefore his actions are somehow dividing the two groups apart from one another. ...read more.


The play is a tragedy. The idea of tragedy originates in Greek drama. For such a play to fulfil its definition it must have a tragic hero who is of high but not perfect standing. In the Romeo and Juliet script, Romeo is from a high calibre family, however he is not the highest member in his family. A tragic flaw leads to a downfall. Juliet drinks a time delaying poison, which Friar Laurence has given her, however due to the untimely arrival of a letter informing Romeo of the situation. Romeo does not know about the plan for them to spend their lives together therefore when Romeo finds her body entombed he too drinks a poison and kills himself. When Juliet's potion wears off, she awakens to find her lover's corpse. She then proceeds to stab herself with Romeo's dagger. The tragedy was a defect sparked off by their sentimentality for one another. The two deaths led to their families collapsing with sadness for the losses however I fear that it was a rectified solution for the two lovers. For the Capulet and Montague families the tragedy acted as a cleansing of emotions and they managed to share their sorrow, which leads them to make peace with one another. ...read more.

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