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Romeo and Juliet Essay.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Two ancient enemies now united through a sole cause - Foes for an age, maybe longer. Antediluvian hatred stemming from an unknown, long-forgotten beginning. All this envy, all this revulsion, building and boiling, amassing and gathering for a thousand eras ended in the setting of four suns. So, are these not happy times in which we now reside? Are the peoples of fair Verona joyous and liberal under the united houses of Montague and Capulet? I say not. Instead of a peace filled with elation and euphoria, there is a darker, solemn peace which hangs over the city like a cloud of smoke, encapsulating every citizen, engulfing them with sorrow and mourning; for the dusty veils of the local tombs are freshly lifted, and inside lay the youthful bodies of five untimely slain teens. But now as the people of Verona weep for their lost citizens, so do the Heavens, as if in mourning for those who have since left us. But falling upon the city's clay roofs are not just tears of sorrow, but tears of rejuvenation. ...read more.


So maybe what I did wasn't advised by my Order and my Book, but it was advised by my heart. And all I ever hoped to attain was peace for the two houses - "For this alliance may so prove to turn your households' rancor to pure love" were the world I spoke to the houses; too long tormented by the rage they felt for one another to ever seek a rational concession. And now that is what I have. But they are not aligned behind the joyous, merriment of a wedlock, but the bleak emptiness of an early funeral. And was that not the only fallacious choice I made during those last frightful days? I can now only wish. For not only did I bring those children their most happy hour, for I also gave them their most dreadful; their last. Never should a husband have to look upon the empty, still body of his new found wife, for that is what the drugs made true; Juliet laying on cold stone, even in the awful presumption of death, awe-full as had been in life. ...read more.


Fair Verona indeed. But maybe things will change now. Logic, reason, was not enough to join these families. Maybe having their children taken from them will be? Let us hope. Let us hope that Lord Capulet will realise how forceful, and dictating he is, and relax a little, realise he doesn't have to be the head of everything, that others can make decisions for themselves. Let us hope that Lady Capulet returns, and her and her husband live happily into their retirement. Let us hope that Montague can hold himself together without his dreamy, handsome son, and he can find it in him to truly make alliance with the Capulets. Let us also hope the Benvolio, quiet, friendly Benvolio, Benvolio the Peacemaker, can cope with the tragic loss of his closest friend, the boy he has spent every day of his life with. Let us hope he can adjust, get used to his altered path of life, without altering himself, let us hope he remains the man he is. And let us hope, let us all hope, let us pray, that Romeo and Juliet, the teen lovers, Tybalt, Prince of Cats, and The County Paris rest in peace. ...read more.

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