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Romeo and Juliet experience disaster in their lives partially due to inadequate parenting. Examine how each parent/carer copes with his/her role.

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Romeo and Juliet experience disaster in their lives partially due to inadequate parenting. Examine how each parent/carer copes with his/her role. Romeo and Juliet were set in Verona, where two families are enemies; they are enemies due to an 'ancient grudge' which has been powerful enough to keep the two lovers apart. The Montague's' son Romeo falls in love with the Capulet's daughter Juliet. Both Romeo and Juliet come from a society filled with hatred and fighting. Neither of the lovers can confront their parents, as they do not have a close relationship and have trouble communicating. However they both confront their carers as they help them through their lives. Romeo has Friar Lawrence and Juliet has the Nurse. Each child has to turn to their carers as their parents are unable to help them, but still both Romeo and Juliet commit suicide for each other's love. This may have been caused due to inadequate parenting as Juliet's parents are very distant and do not communicate as well as the Nurse and Juliet, whereas Romeo's parents struggle to communicate with him; this is shown when they ask Benvolio Romeo's cousin to find out what is bothering Romeo. Lord Capulet is the father of Juliet; he is a very domineering character who cannot control his actions fully. He is an inadequate parent as he does not communicate with her well, and he does not give her any independence, he forces her to marry Paris when she does not want to, when she says she will not marry him, Lord Capulet is aggressive. ...read more.


The Nurse is a good mother substitute for Juliet as they have very good communication and she tries to protect her, she respects what she would like, gives advice and teases her when she would like to hear news from her beloved Romeo. The Nurse also shows interest in Juliet's life as Juliet can tell the Nurse things that she cannot tell her mother, she understands that Juliet loves Romeo and they belong together so she helps them wed. The Nurse shows love and care for Juliet, as she would do anything for her. "Good heart and I' faith I will fell her as much. Lord, lord, she will be a joyful woman." The Nurse would like Juliet to be happy, now she has met Romeo she can see he is going to make her a proud wife and love her for life. The Nurse was sure that Romeo and Juliet's relationship would be a good one as they have affectionate love for each other. The Nurse does not realise that by telling Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris, it would destroy their re-lationship, not just as friends but the mother daughter relationship. In the end, the Nurse is an adequate parent except towards the end of the play when she tells Juliet to forget Romeo and looks towards Paris instead. "O, he's a lovely gentleman! ...read more.


"Arise, one knock, Good Romeo, hide you." He is trying to protect Romeo, as it could be anyone at the door; Friar Lawrence and Romeo have a strong bond as he is always there for Romeo and is there for him when he has no one else. They are able to talk about everything and anything as they have a close relationship, which allows this to happen. Friar Lawrence is also there for Juliet as she can speak to him when she has no one else. The communication between Romeo and Friar Lawrence and Juliet and Friar Lawrence shows that he is the most adequate parent of them all. In conclusion Romeo and Juliet are both affected by the disease of Verona as the 'ancient grudge' between the families has caused Romeo and Juliet to take their lives; partly due to the inadequate parenting from Lord and Lady Capulet and Lord and Lady Montague. They both have an adequate carer who is forced into taking the main roles as the parents. Romeo and Juliet tried to fight the disease of Verona and the hatred society but could no longer lake the fighting, hatred and the secrets. In the end both families lost their beloved only children, which made them forget the hatred and remember the "two star crossed lovers." The moral of the story is if you love moderately, have an open relationship, not just with your partner but also with your family and your love is strong you will have a good life with joy and love. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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