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Romeo and Juliet experience disaster in their lives partially due to inadequate parenting. Examine how each parent carer copes with his/her role.

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ROMEO AND JULIET EXPERIENCE DISASTER IN THEIR LIVES PARTIALLY DUE TO INADEQUATE PARENTING. EXAMINE HOW EACH PARENT/CARER COPES WITH HIS/HER ROLE. Romeo and Juliet experience adversity ultimately ending in their deaths as they do not have alternative means to support their marriage; the society they live in is aggressive and their feuding families have an 'ancient grudge' so powerful and potent that the protagonists cannot disclose their love to their parents. They are unable to confide in their parents is due to the lack of communication. Instead of Romeo's and Juliet's parents providing love, care and affection these qualities are brought to them by the Nurse and Friar Lawrence who fulfil the duties and responsibilities of parenting far better than Romeo and Juliet's actual parents. However, as the play unravels both the Nurse and Friar Lawrence reveal weaknesses, lacking in character and moral strength; the Friar illustrates this when he abandons Juliet and the Nurse demonstrates this when she betrays Juliet leaving her stranded. The parenting provided for both Romeo and Juliet is insufficient and leaves them having to make their own decisions. However, their choices are rushed for they do not have the maturity to deal with their dilemma. Sufficient parenting involves care, love and guidance and Romeo and Juliet are lacking tremendously in some of these aspects of upbringing. Lord Capulet is certainly one of the causes of Juliet's poor parenting. ...read more.


The Nurse calls 'Where's this girl? What Juliet!' Immediately after she calls, Juliet enters, this shows that the relationship between both the Nurse and Juliet is very strong. The Nurse is very communicative yet assertive in her actions; she does not domineer her relationships but still has a firm control over Juliet. The parenting shown by the Nurse is what it should be. Although the Nurse may show numerous positive qualities she has negative ones also. The advice that the Nurse gives is Juliet is she 'think it the best' she 'married the county'. The advice is well intentioned and the Nurse seems to be trying to comfort and please her mistress, but Juliet is quietly furious and calls her a 'wicked fiend' when she has gone. The friendship between Juliet and her Nurse is now shaken and both Romeo and Juliet are now left almost alone; Romeo banished to Mantua and Juliet deserted by those whom she looked for help and support. The Nurse's attitude is unlike of that of a parent. She should support her mistress and advise her to follow true love rather than taking the easy option and suggesting bigamy. This is very uncharacteristic of the Nurse. At this point only the Friar remains faithful. The Friar is amazed that Romeo has fallen out of love and in again so quickly, but he agrees to help him. ...read more.


However, her role as a parental figure is not fulfilled, she says 'where is Romeo?' even she does not where her son is. Is the communication between Lady Montague and her mother been stronger, the tragedy may have been avoided; and it is the lack of parenting on her and her husband behalf which results in the tragedy. Romeo and Juliet's untimely deaths are the result parental figures not fulfilling their parental responsibilities competently. Each parental figure shows weaknesses in their character and combined they each play a significant and highly influential role upon Romeo and Juliet's deaths. Certain characters are more to blame for the lover's deaths. The two characters who are the most to blame are Lord Capulet and Friar Lawrence; Lord Capulet for his domineering, uncompromising and relentless personality and Friar Lawrence for his over ambitious plan which fails. It is these two characters that are combined which have the worst affect on Romeo and Juliet and regardless of how well intentioned or well meaning they were they never fulfilled their duties competently. However Friar Lawrence still showed best parental qualities. Shakespeare has a moral message he tells the audience in this play; society plays a massive part of our lives and how we live. The society of Verona was diseased like an insect eating away at a rose. The rose being Romeo's and Juliet's love, not being able to fully open and shine. Instead the feud between the families, the disease, is taking over. In the end, the disease is killed however the lives of Romeo and Juliet were also killed. ...read more.

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