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Romeo and Juliet, From Verona City to Verona Beach USA

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When we asked two hundred people "what is the first thing that comes into your head when thinking of Shakespeare?" one hundred and twenty four people replied "Romeo and Juliet" and after this soon to be blockbuster hit directed by the astonishing Baz Lurhman, "Romeo and Juliet" will be the first words that come out of everyone's mouth when talking about Hollywood movies. Lurhman has managed to take this play out of the dark ages with terrible costumes and a one stage setting and turn it into an action packed movie focusing on love, tragedy and a lot more violence that most wouldn't expect from a play such as this. I personally think that the "Western/Matrix" style violence that Lurhman has created is a major reason why this movie is the biggest Shakespeare blockbuster yet. Just by watching the first five minutes of this film you understand the whole concept of the story and you can instantly see the hatred between these two feuding families; the Montagues and the Capulets. We have an interesting start to the movie as we see a T.V screen, very small at the beginning but very slowly, moving closer and closer to the screen whilst a news reporter is reciting the original prologue. ...read more.


This introduction like a movie trailer, tells us the story and gets us yearning for more. Now the story begins with rock music in the background, the fluorescent Hawaiian shirts and a flash motor license plate reading "MON 005", the Montague boys have arrived. They are very rowdy and noisy and one shouts out standing in the flash convertible "a dog of the house of Montagues moves me" changing the original script but making it humorous which is more appealing to other audiences. The boys are now at a petrol station shrewdly called "Phoenix". Rock music is still playing and the two of the boys step out of the car, at this point another car has arrived, license plate reading "CAP OO5", the Capulets have now arrived. Their image is more "Italian mafia" style making the Montague boys looking just that little bit more stupid. The Montague's see that the Capulets have arrived and aren't as boisterous as they were before. But they still manage to be the ones to start a fight with the peacemaker- Abra by biting his thumb at them. ...read more.


The fight moves into the city causing havoc, all over the news, the fight has got back to he heads of both the families and we are left at the crucial point of a stand off. Lurhman has managed to direct this camera work in a spectacular manner. The same dramatic music comes in and the camera is focused on both the Capulet and Montague getting shots of both their faces and the tension between these two characters, however before things could get even worse there is the sound of a helicopter and a loudspeaker. The voice of the prince (the head of police) orders them both to drop their weapons to the ground on which the scene has now ended leaves the audience astounded and longing for more. Lurhman has brought this play and its script to life and has done a stupendous job of directing this master piece. Some may think he's ruined the play but I personally think that this is the best version of "Romeo and Juliet" I have come across so far, and it gets a 10 out of 10 rating from me. Reviewed by Sana Yakub ...read more.

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