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Romeo And Juliet - Juliets Reaction To Romeo

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Task: How does Shakespeare present Juliet's reactions to Romeo in their first two scenes? (1: 5 and 2:2) Juliet falls in love with Romeo from the first meeting. In the first meeting Romeo doesn't approach Juliet with words of love but words about religion and pilgrims. Romeo assures Juliet that he will love and respect her whatever happens. Although Juliet takes it slow and dominants the pace she still falls in love with him. Their first meeting is set up in a Sonnet form. ...read more.


Just after they fell in love they found out who each one is and understand the problem that this relationship is going to cause. The second meeting is a lot different then the first one. Romeo gets his way to the garden under Juliet's balcony and hears her Soliloquy. Juliet is talking about the problem of Romeo being a Montague and asks herself: "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? After a while Romeo comes out his hide. Juliet is very surprised yet scared that Romeo is in the Capulet mansion. ...read more.


Although Juliet is very down to earth she also expresses her love to him by saying: "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love is as deep; the more I give to thee the more I have". She also assures for his love as she wants to see it's not only one sided. After she points out the danger she says to him that tomorrow she is going to have someone sent to him and he has to decide if he wants to get married or not. This also shows practicality as she basically says I want to see that you Romeos is serious about this relationship. ...read more.

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