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Romeo and Juliet met at a masked ball. It was love at first sight.

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Romeo and Juliet coursework. Romeo and Juliet met at a masked ball. It was love at first sight. Later that night Romeo sneaks into Juliet's garden and hides, he's anxious to see her. If he were to be caught he would pay! As his family (Montague's) and Juliet's family (Capulet) are in a feud and have been for years. Juliet then appears and starts talking of her love for Romeo. Romeo then makes his presence clear and talks of his love for Juliet. At first Juliet is embarrassed but she soon loses this and they start to express their love for each other. A bit later they start talking of marriage. Romeo and Juliet's love for each other is shown at the balcony scene where first their discussion of love leads to discussing of marriage. " Three words dear Romeo, and good night indeed. If that thy bent of love be honourable, they purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow, by one that I'll procure to come to thee, where and what time thou wilt perform the right; and all my fortunes at they foot I'll lay, and follow thee my lord throughout the world". ...read more.


It would not show how two people so young can fall in love at first sight and cannot bear to be apart from each other. Also it would not show or explain why Juliet did not want to marry Paris the man her parents want her to marry. It would not explain why Juliet took the drug to make her fall into a deep sleep and the result of that being Juliet's and Romeos deaths. Some people would think that Romeo and Juliet acted immorally, two young people falling in love at first sight and not even knowing each other for long decide to get married. Other people would disagree and think they acted morally, maybe they believe in love at first sight and agree that if two people are so deeply in love, they should get married, and they should stay happily together forever. I disagree I think that Romeo and Juliet acted immorally. I think they were to young and took things to fast even under the circumstances of their two families separating them. I don't think they should have taken it so far. ...read more.


The water brought a calm feeling to it. So it set aside the thought of worry that Juliet's parents might catch him and it was relaxing. Romeo and Juliet expressed their love with kissing and not being able to let go of each other. But with the other version, zefferellies version Romeo and Juliet were on the balcony and were really passionate and were all over each other and they made a lot more contact, a lot more so than the baz luhraman version. And they were also constantly worrying about being caught. Both versions give over the idea or two young people being deeply in love and how they will face being caught by their enemy just to see each other. Back in Shakespeare's day Romeo and Juliet would be set on a stage but would have little or no scenery. Male actors would play women characters and there would be no props. The actors would have to improvise, and the audience would have to use their imaginations to create the scenery. Act 2 scene 2 is one of the most important scenes because a lot of the main story lines In it, such as Romeo and Juliet's wedding and the lead up to their eventual deaths. ...read more.

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