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Romeo and Juliet Monologue.

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Monologue [Romeo descending down the balcony] Juliet: Hum! Something fears. O Romeo! All I desire is to be with you. I can't stand, seeing you fade away into the dark fog. The wind seems to carry you far away from me but I hope the sun will give you light in the darkness. The more the distance between us the more I dread for you. O Romeo! The moment you leave, your thoughts keep appearing in my mind. Then all I do is dream about what you said all along our meetings. It was on the day my dad gave a party; I wonder how he was there. He looked very nervous. He seemed to be searching for someone; perhaps someone special. Then his keen eyes fell on mine. I couldn't resist the way he stared at me. ...read more.


The only son of your great enemy" My anger changed to despair as I knew that my only love was my family's greatest enemy. I was shocked. All day I couldn't resist thinking about him. That night, when I was in the balcony opening up my thoughts he suddenly sprang out of the bushes. For a second there, my blood froze. I couldn't say no to him now as he must have heard what I spoke I thought as we spoke Then I feared for him as I told him "if they do see thee they will murder thee". I told him again if any of the kinsmen will see him they will kill him. But he didn't care and replied "Alack, their lies more peril in thine eye Than twenty of their swords!" My heart lightened as he said those words but my fear for him seemed to be deepened. ...read more.


We got married happily, it was a great feeling. Today I didn't want him to go but he had to. I was playing with him until he said "come, death, and welcome! Juliet wills it so. How is't, my soul? Lets talk, it is not day". I became serious and didn't want anything to happen to him because of me. So, I rushed him up a bit to get ready for his journey. Then he suddenly said "More light and light; more dark and dark our woes". I felt darkness fall over me when he said that. Suddenly, the nurse alerted us as he had to leave quickly as possible because my mother was coming to see me. I became tensed. Then everything went quick and well. Then we gave a farewell kiss and then he departed. When he was walking away an unpleasant thought rushed through my mind. I feared whether we will meet again or not. I was terrorized by the thought. I turned my attention towards my mothers call. ...read more.

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