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Romeo and Juliet, Speech on Act 5 Scenes 3.

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Romeo and Juliet Speech Act 5 Scenes 3. Introduction The play is a Romantic Tragedy. The play is sad because there are misunderstandings between all the characters and ends with the lovers dying. The play is about two of the richest and most important families in Verona the Montague's and the Capulet's. They are both in a deadly feud. No one can remember how it even started. Romeo Montague finds out there is to be a party at the house. Romeo decides to gate crash it the party in hope to see the girl he loves "Rosaline." At the party Romeo meets Juliet the Capulet's daughter, they dance not knowing each other's identity. But as the night goes on they find out. Romeo and Juliet meet later on in the Capulet's orchard. Romeo proposes to Juliet, she agrees. Romeo then arranges the wedding with Friar Lawrence. They then get married. Mercutio fights with Tybalt and is killed. Romeo then fights with Tybalt and kills him. ...read more.


They fight, and Romeo kills Paris. As he is dying, Paris asks to be laid next to Juliet. Romeo does this, pledges his love to Juliet, takes the poison, and dies. Friar Laurence comes and finds Romeo and Paris dead. Juliet awakes and Friar Laurence tries to persuade her to come out of the grave, but being afraid of being found, he runs away. Juliet kills herself with Romeo's dagger. Paris' brings the watchmen to the monument of the Capulets. Watchmen find Balthasar and Friar Laurence. Prince Escalus arrives, then Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Montague. Friar Laurence tells his story, which is confirmed by Balthasar, Paris' Page, and the letter from Romeo to his father. Montague promises to build a golden statue of Juliet, and Capulet promises to build one of Romeo. Act 5 Scene 3 A churchyard in it a tomb belonging to the Capulets. Italy Verona I have change the setting to a mortuary body still there funeral not yet taken place Italy Verona I have changed the characters to Black Montague's and white Capulets Romeo is different because he comes from a middle class family and works for a living. ...read more.


Instead of Romeo and Paris fighting with swords they could fighter with knifes or guns. Instead of using flaming torches they could use lighters or touches or there could even be lighting in the church. Instead of Horse it would be cars etc. I will say that Romeo takes an over dose and dies and Juliet still committing suicide slits her wrists. Instead of using poison he could use pills to over dose himself Instead of using a dagger she could use a gun or she could slit her wrists. I would change the costumes to Romeo -Jeans and a hooded jumper and trainers (TN'S) Juliet - A denim skirt pink top and a blue with white strip hooded jacket white slip on shoes. Conclusion Making the Capulet's white and Montague's black makes their feud sound raciest. The fact that the clothes are up to date and modern makes it more attractive to the modern day audience. The props used are 20th century things are common to the modern day audience. A mortuary is more common knower days, as we no longer have tombstones. Although I have changed the way Romeo and Juliet die I haven't changed the storey but they still commit suicide. ...read more.

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