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'Romeo & Juliet'.

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English-Media Assignment 'Romeo & Juliet' In the opening scene of any film I would expect to firstly get the feel and the general mood of the story line to come. For this impression to be put across the producer must take into account how to use lighting and sound to create atmosphere and tension or romance. I would also get expect to be introduced to some of the main characters and find out where it is set e.g. in the countryside or in the city. My own personal response when some one mentions work by Shakespeare, is that I usually think of a play set in Elizabethan England and the story line would be about love or treachery. I also get the impression that there are always a lot of word puns and fancy costumes of the era. In Baz Lurhmanns modern day version of 'Romeo & Juliet', the prologue is not the standard version. Instead a diegetic prologue is read as a sound overlay to the film. ...read more.


Then there is non-diegetic sound which is the background music and in the film the prologue is a voice over therefore being a non-diegetic sound, which is added for effect. Every film has the use of lighting and colour in it including this film. There are three main types of light shots in a film. The first of these three is a natural light shot of a person or a group of people. This symbolises that the person or people are good. However when a mixture of light and shadow are mixed this may mean that the person is mis-understood or wrongly accused of something. The costumes that are dominant in the play are of the two gangs, the 'Montagues' and the 'Capulets'. The Montagues dress mainly in bright flowery Hawaiian shirts and have uniform short hair, but the Capulets dress in black and have long black hair. Camera framing is essential because it can build up tension and give the position of the character in the society, for example, if the camera was low looking at ...read more.


The wipe cut has been cleverly used where the words 'Romeo' and 'Juliet' are centre screen then as 'Romeo' is on the left, the screen is wiped form right to left, erasing 'Juliet' and leaving 'Romeo' and the image of his gang. Mise en scene is a combination of everything in the frame (screen) such as where the character is positioned, colour, lighting, shots and the costumes the characters wear. Every frame is thought out carefully and precisely and nothing is by chance. The editors will sit for hours giving the play the best possible viewing, because this is where the tension is built in the editing department. Finally I think that the opening sequence is effective as I get the overall mood of the play which is what I expect to got form an opening scene. I also found out the main characters, what their roles are and which house they are from. The setting was well put across as there were a lot of high shots showing the whole city. Finally the sound and light built up tension as I wanted the film to start. ...read more.

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