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Romeo & Julietv Is a play filled with oppositions & contrasts

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Is a play filled with oppositions & contrasts "Romeo & Juliet" is a play which especially shows the hatred of two Italian households. In this essay I will write about the contrasts and oppositions in the play. The essay will mainly be based on the contrasts of love versus hate, light versus dark, night versus day and true love versus courtly love. The contrast between love and hate is crucial to the whole play. If there had been no feud between Romeo and Juliet's families their love affair might have run smoothly and not ended in bloodshed. The tale of these two lovers would have been very different. The play is set in the Middle Ages and is about a love affair between two people from two feuding, upper class families. Both families were wealth and influential in their society. The hatred between the households of Montague and Capulet has lasted for many years but Shakespeare does not mention or hint at what the grudge is based on. It is suggested that neither of the two families remembers why they are war with each other! ...read more.


However, when the nurse says attacks Romeo, saying "Shame come to Romeo", Juliet jumps to his defense, saying to her nurse "Blistered be thou tongue for such a wish! He was not born to shame." Shakespeare also organizes the scenes to contrast each other. Act 3, scene 5 begins happily and ends sadly. Romeo and Juliet have just spent their first night together are joyfully happy. However, by the end of this scene, Juliet is distraught at being ordered to marry Paris by her parents who are unaware of her marriage to Romeo. There are also oppositions and contrasts among some of the characters from the opposing families. For example, Mecutio, Romeo's friend, and Tybalt are both fiery characters and both sets of parents share the same views on love and marriage. I think if they were not feuding they might get along quite well! Then there are contrasts between the roles of the younger characters (Romeo, Juliet, Benvolio, Mecutio and Tybalt) and the roles of the older characters (Lord and Lady Montague, Lord and Lady Capulet, the Friar and the nurse). This contrast highlights the generation gap that exists and also helps to demonstrate how a feud can be passed on through the children. ...read more.


The idea of a courtly love (a European tradition from the Middle Ages) was really a set of rules and expectations about the way lovers from the upper classes should behave. There was no room here for expression of passionate emotions. Romeo's love for Rosaline is a courtly love which is unrequited and he is heartbroken because he knows his situation with Rosaline is hopeless. The idea of true love however is understood as the one and only love between two people who, like Romeo and Juliet, both discover they want only each other and no one else. Their true love takes over them completely so that nothing else matters. They would do anything and bear anything to be together. In conclusion, the intensity of the love between R and J and the equally intense hatred between the houses of Montague and Capulet is the main contrast in the play. The numerous oppositions and contrasts in the play serve to highlight and reflect different aspects of the story and characters and this increases the dramatic affect of the play. There are many contradictions in Romeo & Juliet and they serve to captivate and entertain the audience. The portrayal of Romeo and Juliet shows how their love changed both their characters and their lives Khalid Osman 10C 1 ...read more.

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