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Romeo Monologue

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Romeo Monologue This is a monologue by Romeo out of Romeo and Juliet: Is this really worth it? I mean, I am the man! I am the player to end all players, the mack of all daddies! But there's something about her. Her hair. Her eyes. Her tits. And that's where it ends. If this gets out then I'm finished. I need to get into her pants, and soon. I don't think I can really take all this waiting. Then again why am I waiting? I know I keep asking, but I don't know the answer. She better be worth it. I've climbed all this way to see her, and there she is. DAMN! She looks better than she did at the party. She must like me a lot! Her cleavage is showing big time! This has to be one of my best conquests. Imagine what the lads down the pub would say. 'How much you pay for that one?' And, 'She's a bit of all right ain't she?' ...read more.


I'll take her to a nice place away from the town. Away from city pressures. Away from this whole war. If this stupid war weren't going on then maybe I'd be getting in there right now. If we were on our own we could do whatever we wanted. In a place of our own no one would really care. We could get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. OH MY GOD! I didn't just say that. I didn't say marriage and kids. Thank God I'm speaking to myself, or it would be out. 'Romeo wants to be tied down.' I don't think I could deal with that. Imagine if the lads heard that. 'I love you Romeo.' I know. It just came out her mouth. I was shell-shocked. It's not like it was the first time someone had said that, but this time it meant something to me. I felt my heart skip a beat and I just stared at her. Her hair. Her eyes. ...read more.


The character of Romeo in my monologue is inverted to the Romeo in 'Romeo and Juliet. The Romeo in Romeo and Juliet is in love with Juliet and he believes her to be the one for life. In my monologue he is a 'playa'. By this I mean that he goes from one girl to another. In a way, he sleeps around. I feel this adds to the satire tone of the monologue. What also adds to it is the way that his emotions swing. They swing from being the 'lad' that he is, to wanting to settle down to Juliet and having feeling of love. There are quite a few swear words. I have used fuck, shit and crap. There is also the use of damn. I used this to add to the theme of the monologue. I have used short sentences quite a lot. This was to add to the pace of the monologue. It also makes the thoughts of the character more realistic, as they come out as they are thought. From using these techniques, I feel I have created a funny, satirical monologue that would be enjoyed by a competent reader. ...read more.

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