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romeo presented to the audience

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How does Shakespeare present Romeo to the audience in this scene? Romeo is presented to the audience through two characters. Montague and Benvolio, Montague is Romeo's father and Benvolio is Romeo's cousin 'Good morrow, cousin'. Shakespeare has laid this out in a very intellectual manner; by introducing Romeo through other characters because this instantly makes Romeo stand out, look more imperative and maybe even have a higher status than the other characters in the play; because he is talked about and has been acquainted by Montague and Benvolio. Benvolio and Montague are both concerned about Romeo's recent behaviour because he has not been acting himself lately. ...read more.


He has been shown to wanting to take the easy way round to things 'O me! What fray was here? Showing that he does not like fighting and he is not interested in it. By saying that Romeo may be referring it to the old grudge between the Montague's and Capulet's. When Benvolio questions him about love, he avoids admitting to it, however does not change the subject. This shows that he does not want to spill out with the truth and does not mention any names, but keep on waffling on about 'love' thinking slowly as time goes by. The audience gets the impression that Romeo is inexperienced as this is his first love. ...read more.


Romeo also tends to dramatise and exaggerate his feelings as they pour out in one go, 'o brawling love, o loving hate, o any thing... etc'. This speeds up the time compared to before; it is builds up the tension, as Romeo chants many oxymorons. This extent of dramatisation is due to Romeo's depression and bewilderment about love. This shows the audience that Romeo is going through the enjoyment of emotional pain. In conclusion to this, in act 1 scene 1, Shakespeare presents Romeo in a very, perplexed, depressed and frazzled way. As the audience knows Romeo is also not acting himself; due to this we cannot make any assumptions about him, yet. Henal Parmar English Homework Ms Partridge 22/01/07 ...read more.

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