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Sasson and Owen and their views on war as expressed in Attack and Anthem for Doomed Youth

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Overview Sassoon's attitude to war seems to be a very realistic view to war and he seems to have experienced war before and has based his passed experiences and put them into a poem. He obviously doesn't like war and explains it in his poem. Owens attitude to war is a lot about sadness. He does not seem to have experienced a war but has a lot of views on war and ideas on what they are like. The first poem Attack A very good description of detail to the theme of the war is "In the wild purple of the glowering sun" this is also showing the imagery in the poem. There are other quotes about imagery like "Lines of grey, muttering faces masked with fear". ...read more.


This also shows how much he doesn't like wars and how he is scared and how much he wants it to stop. Second poem Anthem for Doomed Youth The title in this poem has the word anthem in it, which portrays the fact that it is like a song. Owen doesn't show fear like Sassoon does but Owen does show that he feels a lot of sadness in war due to his poem. This poem does seem to rhyme a lot better compared to attack. There is a lot of imagery in both poems but I think that there is more imagery in attack than Anthem for Doomed Youth. An example of imagery in Anthem for Doomed Youth is "Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle" which is good imagery. ...read more.


Summary Well Sassoon has experienced the war and shows his fear in the poem but Owen does not appear to have been in a war and just talks about general things you would hear about in wars like the sadness and just mentions mainly the imagery of guns and that's it nothing about the atmosphere. Owen mainly talks about how people who die will not get a proper funeral just the remembrance from their family and friends. Sassoon actually show the realism in his poem and how the atmosphere is and how everyone is praying all the time and that was due to the loss in hope against winning the battle or "attack" like where the last four lines of the poem look like a prayer to stop the war. ?? ?? ?? ?? Poem Comparison Bryn Scholey 11NK English Coursework Mrs Bolton ...read more.

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