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Saving Private Ryan

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Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan is a action packed war film based on World War II. It was first released on September 11th 1998; it was directed by Steven Spielberg whose other famous films include: Jaws, E.T, Jurassic Park and Shindlers List. Saving Private Ryan breaks some of the traditional conventions of the war film genre as its first twenty four minutes recreates the US troops landing at the Omaha beach in Normandy and the search for James Ryan and to get him back safe begins. The one hundred and seventy minute long action film was a joint production by DreamWorks and Paramount. The film won five academy awards (Oscars) including best director 1999. The leading cast include Tom Hanks (Captain Miller). Tom Sizemore (Sergeant Havorth), Berry Pepper (Private Jackson) and Matt Dawman (Private Ryan). The film recreates life as a soldier in World War II. The opening battle sequence consists of twenty minutes of chaos and horrific blood splatter, the opening battle sequence was also very realistic as everything was happening very fast people dying and screaming continuously added to the confusion and devastation as their were soldiers running and gunshots being fired in all directions this made the whole opening battle sequence very destructive. The use of the handheld camera in the battle sequence increases and emphasises on the impact caused and makes the opening sequence very lively and this makes us the audience feel part of the action and as if we are making our way around the beach. ...read more.


As the chaos increased on the eight kilometre Omaha beach the camera cuts to a close up of Captain Miller as he emerges from the blood diluted sea, confused and bamboozled Captain Miller lays on the ground looking around. As bullets fly past we are put into more nerve-racking moments of drama when soldiers run for cover not taking anything in consideration and stepping on the dead and wounded. Next the camera jerks as a slow motion of Captain Millers expressions are taken with no sound the camera shots are edited alternately with random horror taking place around the Captain. Captain Miller's perspective in addition creates a worrying situation as the Captain of the army lays shocked, senseless and shaking as he sees his soldiers' dead. This creates an even harder situation for us the audience as the Captain is terrified this also shows us that Captain Miller is slightly starting to lose hope in his troops and himself. The muted sound accompanies the slow motion of Millers view around the beach which creates a chance for us the audience to think what has happened about the mass murder. As the camera cuts from Captain Miller's perspective to a close up of him spilling bloody water out of his round green helmet, and placing it back on firmly. This shows us that in the war blood splatter is no big thing and is a part of the war and life as a soldier to be covered in blood of enemies and your own troops. ...read more.


I think Spielberg has achieved and succeeded in situating 'Chaos up on the screen' as he made the opening battle scene last twenty four minutes and this was full of chaos and unpredictability as we didn't know what was going to happen next at any moment in the battle sequence. Also in the opening battle the U.S army was under attack even before they had left the boats this also was very chaotic as soldiers were jumping overboard into the sea to save themselves also we see soldiers running out onto the battlefield and getting shot in a matter of seconds of leaving the boat. Also Spielberg showed a lot of gore and blood which also added to the effect of chaos and made us the audience feel the pain and emotive for the soldiers. Overall I think that Saving Private Ryan is the best war film made to date as it shows the true reality and horrors of war, also the film shows us how life would have been in the Second World War for the soldiers. The film puts forward all the things that soldiers would have had to put up with and how they lay dead on the battlefield after they had lost their lives. Also Saving Private Ryan is differentiated from other war time films as it has a different story and a very realistic recreation of the war battle. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework ...read more.

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