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Saving Private Ryan: Film Review

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Saving Private Ryan: Film Review. Saving Private Ryan was released in 1998 and was directed by one of Hollywood's most famous directors Steven Spielberg. His previous work has included Schlinders List and ET. The screen play was written by Robert Rodat and the music was composed by John Williams. The cast included actors such as Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Tom Sizemore. The film won 5 Academy awards including best Director and Best Sound Effects Editing. The film is about a secretary who finds out that a Mrs Ryan is receiving three telegrams telling about her three dead sons. So the army General decides to send in a special unit to bring her only living son back home. They are sent in to save Private James Ryan who was a member of the parachute regiment. The film does not follow chronological order. The first scene is when a man goes and visits the memorial plot of WWII victims. Then as the camera zooms into a close up shot of his eyes it takes us back to 1944 when the troops arrive on Omaha Beach. From this point the story unfolds. It shows fierce fighting on the sea front just as you would imagine. ...read more.


The scenes after that are of the after effects of war, ruins and grass fields with dead bodies. The film has many different themes to it. There are times when it is emotional, sad, angry, patriotic, scared etc. The very start of the film I find is very emotional. The man walks by him self with his family closely following. When he gets to the grave he falls and you can see the sadness in his face as the camera gets a close up of his eye, that's when it starts the war. In this scene there are mixed emotions. Firstly when they are on the boat they are being sick with nerves and you can see the fear and terror in them. As the scene progresses you can see some people laughing at what they done by killing P.O.W's. Then you see a corporal who has just killed a Nazi youth. He knows he was a young man and he starts crying. During the Omaha Beach scene you see people praying and trying to say others lives but when they are told to come on because you can't save them they start getting angry and then taking it out on the Nazis. ...read more.


This would be one of my most favourite films by Spielberg. Spielberg has directed many films including Schlinders list, The color purple, Jaws and ET. Schlinders list is about the Jewish people in WWII under the control of Hitler. Spielberg in this film just as he did in Saving Private Ryan really gave the audience a feel of what it was like for the Jewish People in WWII. Saving Private Ryan also reminds me of a film called 'We Where Soldiers'. This film was another war film a bought American soldiers in the Vietnam war. This film I felt was not as good as Saving Private Ryan as it was more focused around the killing and winning the war. To me this is probably the best war film I have ever seen. Spielberg really made the audience feel like they where fighting in the war. By the dialogue and the scenery it made me feel as if I was there fighting in the war and I felt the anger and emotion as the soldiers. I would highly recommend this film to every one. "My dad brought home stories of the war, and he always explained to me how unglamorous it is. What I tried to do in this film was approximate the look and the sounds and even the smells of what combat is really like" - Steven Spielberg. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

** 2 STARS

Some very descriptive writing used to convey what happened in the film - particularly the opening scene. Some good analysis and shows awareness of the director's craft and intentions.
Some repetition of ideas and phrases.

Marked by teacher Katie Dixon 30/07/2013

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