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"Saving Private Ryan" was a blockbuster hit when it was unleashed in 1998, by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is a well known producer who has produced great hits like:

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Saving Private Ryan "Saving Private Ryan" was a blockbuster hit when it was unleashed in 1998, by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is a well known producer who has produced great hits like: * Jaws * Jurassic Park * E.T(The Extra Terrestrial) The film scooped up five Oscars academy awards including best director award, apart from the awards film also included famous actors like "Tom Hanks" (Captain Miller) "Matt Damon"(Private Ryan) and Tom Sizemore. Tom hank who stars as captain miller leads the 8man squad. Their mission-saving one man. One man whose three brothers have died in combat. On D-DAY they are ordered to retrieve Private Ryan. They are outmanned and outgunned. The eight men begin to question their orders. They have an uncertain future, searching for triumph they advance behind enemy lines. Using de saturated colour and assisted the realism of the film to help break the traditional conventions of war films which glorify whereas "Saving Private Ryan" shows it's as gruesome realty of war. Saving Private Ryan quickly and brutally seizes the concept that war is anything but vicious, demoralizing violence that makes a cruel joke out of the human body and spirit. ...read more.


The dominating soundtrack of artillery fire hitting objects and shrapnel flying around emphasis on the scene being realistic. The soldiers soon dive for cover in the rough sea. The handheld camera plunges with the soldiers giving the audience their perspective. This range of high and low perspective gives us an effective overview if the carnage. This camera work also suggests we (the audience) are there to witness the devastation. "I wanted to hit the sets much like a newsreel cameraman following soldiers into war" Spielberg's intricate technique of handheld camera shows massacre of the soldiers on Omaha beach. This makes an effective part of the opening; presenting realistic battle scenes also shows the lost cause the Americans are fighting for on D-DAY. Captain Miller's initial reaction to the carnage and annihilation comes as a shock to the audience; he gawps at the battlefield and cannot believe it; this shows an experience captain tumbling and falling stunned by the war therefore emphasising the danger the green recruits and the rest of the soldiers are in. Jerky slow motion shots capture miller's expression as he gasps for breath and accompanied by the muted sound they produce a realistic figure of the senseless bloodshed at Omaha beach. ...read more.


The long shot and melancholy music strikes us with the enormity of the disaster. This illustrates the authenticity of the entire event and lets us re-live the terrible era of world war two. Finally the camera declines into a close up onto a backpack o a lying dead body. It read in bold 'R.RYAN'. This is James Ryan's brother's backpack which reminds us of the original objective. To put it all together the opening twenty minutes shows us atrocious and barbarous images utilizing other methods to capture the fundamental nature of battle - hand-held cameras, a slight speeding up of the images, muted colors, and several different kinds of techniques which by far shows realism whereas the overall film moves towards opinion rather facts. I personally believe it is without doubt the most violent, gory, visceral depiction of war that I have ever witnessed on screen and Spielberg did as he said "Put chaos up on the screen". Lastly I judge this to be a fantastic movie achieving a judicious point of view on war although it doesn't answer the film's fundamental question -When is one life more significant than another? ?? ?? ?? ?? Usman Rana 10O English Mrs Partington ...read more.

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