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In this passage Schopenhauer claims that learning by reading can limit one's opinion while being a free thinker will open up one's opinion which is better for "developing the world". I believe in some ways Schopenhauer was correct, but reading books can sometimes open up the mind. For me, reading books can make me look at things in a different way. On the other hand occasionally it is better for me to be able to have time to myself in order to fully understand something. ...read more.


Then again educational books such as science books and history books have a tendency to narrow a person opinion because with these types of books you have to accept facts, facts by definition only elicits one view point. With history books if it says that Christopher Columbus sailed in the ocean blue in 1492, that's what you have to believe, there is no opinion to that. Therefore textbooks tend to narrows one's opinion rather than to make one's opinion broader. ...read more.


It took somebody to think out of the box, to figure out that the world was indeed round and that there were other places that they had yet to discover. Thank goodness that there were free thinkers back then. In closing, there are parts of Schopenhauer hypothesis that I believe and other parts I do not. To me reading doesn't force opinions on to anybody unless they are weak minded. Textbooks tend to make a person have a narrow opinion base and that self thinking helps to bring creativity that makes the world better. ...read more.

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