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Script - [In the car] Man: Put on your seat belt. Bella: Are you okay?

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[In the car] Man: Put on your seat belt Bella: Are you okay? Man: No. [Silence, man stares ahead. Stops car suddenly] Man: Bella? Bella: Yes? [Bella clears throat quietly] Man: Are you alright? Bella: Yes. Man: Distract me please. Bella: I?m sorry, what? [Man exhales sharply] Man: Just prattle about something completely unimportant and irrelevant to me until I calm down. Bella: Pardon? [Man begins to get annoyed] Man: I said, just prattle about something completely unimportant and irrelevant to me until I calm down. Bella: D- D- Did you hear about the umm (.) the person who set fire to the umm, to the pub last week? ...read more.


[Man walks back towards the car and takes out a mobile phone, talks quietly into it] Man: Yeah she?s here now, I?ll do it and then you can come and take care of her after I?ve finished. [Man walks back over towards Bella] Bella: Who were you talking to over there? Man: Nobody important, just my mum. Bella: Ah right okay. Its cold out here isn?t it? [Man grunts his reply] Man: Yeah. Bella: W- Why are we out in the cold? Man: Because (.) Because being in ? in the car is just boring, so I thought that we should come and sit out here for a little bit. ...read more.


You can see the stars better if you lie down. [Bella lies down next to the man] Man: I heard that there was a murderer who used to sleep in these woods a long time ago. I think they escaped and fled the country. [Bella in a shocked voice] Bella: Why did you bring us here then? It might be haunted with his victims. Man: Nah, I- I?m pretty sure it isn?t. He buried them somewhere else apparently. [Man begins to reach inside his pocket] Bella: What is so interesting in your pocket? Only you keep putting your hand in there (?) Man: It?s nothing, honestly. [Bella remains silent, man pulls a knife out of his pocket] Bella: Why have you got a knife in your pocket? [A wry smile appears on the man?s face; he places his hand over Bella?s mouth and buries the blade into her heart] ...read more.

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