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Second language acquisition

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ENG 1190 Term paper of Introduction to language Yung Oi Yin Didi (04007948) Comment to the language teaching method, combine with your own learning experience, choose one or more teaching methods that you think is the best. Second language acquisition is when a child or adult has already become competent at a language and then attempts to learn another. The goal of learning language is for communication and exchanging message. There are numerous of methods have been used to teach a second language: direct method, communicative method, (indirect) grammar-translated method, reading method and audio-lingual (audio-visual) method, etc. Normally, teacher does not use one single method, although he/she may have a leaning towards certain aspects of particular one. He/She may use a combination of methods, in order to successfully achieve the goal. For the direct method, it is also known as Natural/ Phonetical method. It is based on the belief that knowing a language for speaking purpose. Writing, printed note or word and learning of grammar are avoided because they hinder the acquisition of good oral proficiency. ...read more.


Because of not succeed in learning, it leads to frustration, boredom and indiscipline. But for reading method and the audio-lingual (audio-visual) method, even they are useful to language study; they should not quite totally be regarded as a teaching method. The former focuses on extensive reading with rejection of translation, which should be a everyday practice that can lead to building language knowledge; the latter is a sort of misuse of audio-lingual (audio-visual) material as a teaching method, instead of as a teaching aid. It tends to repeat practicing the dialogues drills that have recorded in a tape. This is deal to the case that in mid 1960's that portable tape-recorder and filmstrip projector came into general use in language teaching. In combination with my own experience, it is safe to say that with the assistance of communicative method, (indirect) grammar-translated method is mainly applied to English teaching in Hong Kong. In the primary, new vocabularies and Sentence structure are introduced to the students with a given real life situation. Moreover, grammar is increasingly important as they are promoting to the senior form. ...read more.


With a well-developed oral skill, teaching of grammar should be practical and relate to real life situation. Those are not capable can be ignored. Till the tertiary education, printed notes and grammar teaching are not necessarily important. Learner should have enough exposed to the language, and they are expected to speak in any situation, and to communicate with others fluently. Direct method is the best to use for putting the learner of a forward progress. All kinds of teaching methods should all have their strength and weakness. They are invented to suit to use in the period of time. But gradually, disadvantages are discovered. There is never a method that should not be applied; it can really help learners to learn the second language. Never just to blame for the teaching method and the fault's of the teacher, if it is unsuccessful to learn a language. Student's attitudes towards language should also be positive, patient, eager to learn and not to be shy of making mistakes. Learning from mistakes is a precious experience of learning. With a combination of suitable teaching method, good teacher and correct attitudes towards learning a language is the only way to get succeed in any second language acquisition. ...read more.

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