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Short Novel Summary of Pride & Prejudice

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Jane and Bingley sort out the misunderstanding that drove him away before and get engaged. Then Elizabeth and Darcy work out their misunderstandings and agree to marry. to hate Mr. Darcy. She contradicts and argues with Darcy each time they meet, but somewhere along the way he begins to like Elizabeth. When Bingley leaves the coCHNKWKS ,�����TEXTTEXT1/4FDPPFDPP-FDPCFDPC STSHSTSH"-STSHSTSH-"2SYIDSYIDP"SGP SGP d"INK INK h"BTEPPLC l"BTECPLC ""FONTFONT�"TSTRSPLC �":PRNTWNPR*# FRAMFRAM6+�TITLTITL3/4+DOP DOP �+Novel Summary. Elizabeth Bennet is a country gentleman's daughter in 19th Century England. She is one of five daughters, a plight that her father bears as best he can with common sense and a general disinterest in the silliness of his daughters. Elizabeth is his favorite because of her level-headed approach to life when his own wife's greatest concern is getting her daughters married off to well-established gentlemen. ...read more.


Without thinking through the story, Elizabeth immediately seizes upon it as another, more concrete reason to hate Mr. Darcy. She contradicts and argues with Darcy each time they meet, but somewhere along the way he begins to like Elizabeth. When Bingley leaves the countryside suddenly and makes no attempts to contact Jane anymore, the young woman is heartbroken. Elizabeth, who had thought well of Bingley, believes that there is something amiss in the way that he left Jane in the lurch. Only when Elizabe- � ���1/4��������(2�"'(� �+� �oW o�1/4�� " , "�" $� ���dTSH����-/��dTSH "�`p "tt1/4-1/4 @n��dONT,Times New Roman verdana�\ " " "���`fXXFFHF� Brother DCP-117C USB Printer�(� d �� PRIV ��4� ��y Arial���P _splmf01.exe���Z��d Arial�������dEOSC.winspoolBrother DCP-117C USB PrinterUSB001F�� �"d5 "�1�"@�Z "$c"�` "�``""A."@���"d5 "�� "@�Z "$c"�` "�``"."pp2.wps"@[s" %�% h, she would h�� �����Z� ��� �O�2�Quill96 Story Group Class�����9�qy�2�y�2�#y�2���2�y�2� ��2�y�2���2�=y�2�E��2�oy�2�v��2��y�2����2��y�2����2�*y�2�2��2�3y�2�>��2�Qy�2�X��2��y�2����2��y�2����2��y�2���2�"y�2����2�Py�2�W��2�� y�2�� ��2�% y�2�, ��2�" y�2�� ...read more.

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