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short story analysis

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Children's story analysis. The genre of my children's story book is an entertaining read in which it explores the different places in which animals live. Thus, as this being a children's story the audience is primarily targeted at three to five year olds of both gender due to the story exploring certain interests of children at this age which typically can include learning and reading about particular animals and what they do, what they look like and more, as well as other entertaining yet educating subjects which are in the children's interest. The key purpose of this particular story is to entertain the specific audience due to the age range for this story being young and so, is vital to be entertaining to make it enjoyable for the audience and will pursue them to continue to read. The story also conveys a secondary purpose, which is to be educational for the audience. As, the story is educating the audience on particular animals and their habitats yet remains entertaining. As a result the audience are receiving vital benefits from the story as they learning and being entertained at the same time, which will result in further reading, which the parents of the particular audience will be guaranteed and assured by the purpose of the story. In addition, throughout the duration of the story the register remains unchanged and is somewhat formal. ...read more.


As this continually reminds them of what the story is about yet is educational as it teaches the audience about where the various animals live within a farm. It also leaves an effect of intrigue on the audience as it excites them to read on to find out where the next animal lives. Furthermore, again throughout the duration of the story direct speech is used continually to add to the effect of the purpose that it is not only entertaining but educational as it adjust the audience to listen to how the story is being told and can understand and use further it also allows the story to be more accessible for the particular audience as it keeps them entertained by its simple features and will not allow them to loose the thread of the story again. "where do you live Harry?..." this indicates how this feature can effect the story and allows it to be much more entertaining whether the story is being told aloud or not as it triggers of effects of how it should be spoken between the characters. It also continues with simplicity as it is more understandable to digest and manage to take in for the audience. It is uncomplicated but carries entertainment with what the story is actually about. Again, the entire story is made up of simple sentences. This id performed since the audience and purpose is to entertain and educate three to five year olds and so with using simple sentences it maintains its straightforwardness, "Marcy lived in a dark hole under the ground." ...read more.


As they are things that everyone can associate with as we know what they are and so by having this effect it adds enjoyment to the story as they know about what they are being told and can conform with it. Again, direct speech is used to allow the audience to hear and see how it can be spoken in comparison to narrative sections of the story. In doing this it adds entertainment and livens up the story to encourage further reading and understanding of the syntax used. It increases emphasis on how particular speech is spoken and pronounced, "Wow, it looks very big..." this conveys how this is performed and is vital for entertaining and educating the audience and its purpose. All of the syntax features add spontaneous effects and thoughts for the audience and add to its key purpose of entertaining. Although most children's story contain and end with a typical morale which is hidden within the story, this story does not contain a morale this is done for the effect that it is purposely produced to entertain and educate about the title of the story. This was not done intentionally but, due to this shows that it can be seen that children's stories are often completed jus for the purpose of entertaining. Often, at times a morale may be difficult to understand and define for such a young audience and so are primarily performed to specifically entertain but can have educational features within it which a particular audience can associate with. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lucy Leonard ...read more.

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