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Should all hotel staff that encounters customers have language skills?

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Should all hotel staff that encounters customers have language skills? A definition of language would be a particular form of speech of a nation, race or profession. Fundamental to all business success is good communication, however there are always barriers to communication even if all the staff speak the same language. Language skills include such things as the ability to speak at a basic level a foreign language because people visiting the hotel are not necessarily from the host country therefore may not be able to speak the language, English is not the most spoken language in the world regardless of what people may believe. Other skills would include the ability to speak, read and write in clear Basic English, the ability to do sign language and have good body language. ...read more.


If all hotel staff-encountering customers had language skills it would make things a lot easier, however a skill listed that many people neglect to acknowledge is sign language. I believe that some staff encountering customers should have the ability to do this because is a form of communication a proportion of the world uses therefore should be included as a language skill. Arguments disagreeing with the above heading include some people with certain disabilities may not be able to perform certain language skills therefore does this mean that they are not entitled to work within a hotel if so this is discrimination. English is the second language of most people. The introduction of technology has broadened the amount of things people can now do. ...read more.


Waiters should have the majority of language skills listed above because they not only have to welcome guests to bars and restaurants they must serve them and ensure they are feeling fine. Whereas front office staff and waiters need most of the language skills cleaners do not mainly because they do not make that much contact however they should have the ability to speak Basic English. Going back to the question should all hotel staff-encountering customers have language skills the answer would be to a certain extent. It really depends on what job the staff do certain jobs require certain language skills, and to ask all staff encountering customers to have all skills listed above would mean it could discriminate against a lot of people, its also a bit unrealistic; It also depends on what main market for the hotel business and those on holiday require different services. ...read more.

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