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Should Animals Be Tested On?

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Ruth Hill-Tout 9N Persuasive Essay Should Animals Be Tested On? In 2002 a survey was carried out to find out exactly how many animals were used that year in a single company. It was estimated that over 50,000 animals had been used and 74% had suffered side effects and even died due to their treatment. A while before in1991 it had also been discovered that the same company Procter and Gamble (whose products include Pampers and Head and Shoulders) had conducted tests on nearly 300 guinea pigs to determine irritancy and allergic sensitivity to sunscreen ingredients. What is even more barbaric about this is that the information was already available- info, which had been collected and tested on humans. For decades humans have taken defenceless and innocent wild animals to foully abuse and test their experiments upon. They test powerful drugs and lotions upon the animals and record and write down the at times fatal side effects only to repeat the experiment again and again- regardless of the creatures' pain or suffering. ...read more.


It is not as if we have need of the results gained by animal testing. Are there not enough types of shampoo already and body lotions to satisfy the world's needful demands? Or are the shampoos not good enough for our precious whims- are they not conditioned enough for our delicate hair? Is the washing up liquid not making the crystal glasses shiny enough? Now we have moved on to this subject, did I tell you how they check if their washing up liquid is poisonous or not? No- well you can bet your new classic clean- (with new improved perfume) Head and Shoulders (guess what they tested this product on!) on the fact that it wasn't humans they tested it on. Oh no. To check to see whether their new washing up liquid is safe enough and good enough for human use, the caring doting and loving scientists place fish into quantities of the mixture and record what happens to the fish. ...read more.


We take eggs from nesting mothers for our daily breakfasts and food. We take their fur, skins and wool and use them to keep our selves warm and happy. We rare them for their meat- That nice juicy bit of steak you have just swallowed down with your gravy and mashed potatoes- did you ever think that once that dead lump of meat was once part of a breathing, feeling innocent animal- a brother or a sister- a mother or a father? Do we perhaps suppose them to have no feelings- maybe we think because their intellect is lower then ours- that they would not feel as we do? When a member of our family dies we feel do we not? Then why should not they. We are nothing more then them. We die just as they do and we are born just as they. Why should they suffer to fill our needs. We are all God's creatures are we not? So why don't we try to act like it. ...read more.

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