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Should my children be sent into kindergarten as early as possible?

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?Should my child be sent into kindergarten as early as possible?? I believe that each and every parent must have questioned and wavered over this. For many parents, the decision to send their children to kindergarten can be a daunting one. On one hand, stay-at-home mums prefer to spend a few more years with their children as they think that shuffling kids off their childhood is inappropriate. On other hand, some parents frantically do survey on internet to find out which kindergarten is the best for their children?s education as they have a mindset that preschool is a good medium to enrich their children?s life and as a foundation of formal education. ...read more.


All these skills should be mastered well enough for children?s future social development. Children who learn to interact with groups of kids of their same age during their preschool years will find the transition to elementary school to be less stressful. 2. Apart from that, another appealing advantage for parents to send their children to be nurtured at kindergarten is that this preschool education can be taken as a foundation in academic learning for children. Children who enrolled for preschool education will have a solid foundation for the next stage of their school years. In other words, they will undergo the transition to next stage of academic learning in primary school much seamlessly. ...read more.


In short, kindergarten has been degraded from a ?garden of jollity? to ?place fraught with stress?. The pressure to do academically well exerted on young children who are still mentally and physically vulnerable often causes young children to be overwhelmed, ashamed and even clinically depressed. The stress may contribute to headaches, stuttering and insomnia as well. In a brief, everything has both sides which means that everything has its own pros and cons. In this case, it is actually barely for me to decide whether the advantages of sending young children to kindergarten is outweigh the disadvantages or otherwise. After getting clear of its advantages and disadvantages, it is ultimately up to the parents to decide whether or not to send their 3 years old child to kindergarten. However, personally, I hope that parents will wake up and say ?no? of hurrying their children through kindergarten. ...read more.

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