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Show how Juliet's relationship with her parents and Friar Lawrence's single mindedness contribute to the plays tragic ending.

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Show how Juliet's relationship with her parents and Friar Lawrence's single mindedness contribute to the plays tragic ending. Juliet was a young lady who lived with her parents. Also living with her, in her home was a nurse and servants. Juliet's relationship was very different with each individual that she lived with. The relationship that Juliet had with her father was different to the relationship that she had with her mothers. This could be seen clearly throughout the play. Lady Capulet was Juliet's mother and they did not have a very close relationship, this can be seen through a number of events that occurred during the play. One particular event that shows that they did not have a close relationship was when Lady Capulet didn't know that it was Juliet's birthday, and how old she was. 'She's not fourteen.' Lady Capulet being Juliet's mother should know when she gave birth to her own child, but to forget or not know when your own Childs birthday is shows that there is no real bond between them and even if they did have a bond, what kind of mother would forget their own daughter's birthday? I think that Lady Capulet didn't really show any love and care for Juliet. Where as the Nurse on the other hand knew when it was her birthday. ...read more.


He may still have loved Juliet a great deal and just wanted her to have the best. After all he was the man of the house and he may have felt out of place after being betrayed by his daughter, and perhaps because she disobeyed him he got so angry and made irrational decisions. 'Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee what; get thee to church o'Thusday, Or never after look me in the face.' Capulet then believed that Juliet would agree to his '...desperate tender...'to marry Paris. The discussion about Juliet's reaction on the death of Tybalt's settled on the decision that the marriage would take place as quickly as possible. This shows that Capulet may be taking advantage of the death by bringing the wedding forward, so that he would get his own way, which in the end ended the lives of the two lovers, but it could also be seen from a different view. Capulet could perhaps have wanted someone to be there for Juliet. Someone to care for her when she is upset because after all he did tell Paris to take care of her and to treat her like a lady and to be gentle with her as she still has a lot to learn. Lord Capulet made one main mistake, because of his irrational behaviour he didn't let Juliet explain her self, he didn't give her the chance to tell him why and what happened. ...read more.


In conclusion I believe that Friar Lawrence, Lord and Lady Capulet contributed a lot to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. I believe that Lord and Lady Capulet were poor parents and they did not put their child first. And this contributed to the ending, as it was the pareints Romeo and Juliet were hiding their love from as well as the Montague's if both the families ended the feuding none of what happened would have happened as there would be nothing Romeo and Juliet would have to hind from and this wouldn't have resulted to their death. Friar Lawrence needed to look carefully at his actions. He should have considered that everyone would be effected by his actions and that there were going to be consequences and things did not go his way so the consequences did exist and he had to pay for the death through guilt. I believe that if Friar Lawrence told the parents, things would have ended in a different way, where Romeo and Juliet could be together and the family feuding could have ended. I think the families feuding would have ended if things were dealt with much better consideration and if everyone considered each other's views. The reason why I believe that the feuding could have ended early was because it had so why not earlier. In the end it was at the cost of Romeo and Juliet's death. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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