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Sick Swift - Analysing an article from the Irish herald that discussed Jonathan Swift's viel suggestion of human child digestion.

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THE IRISH HERALD SICK SWIFT JONATHAN SWIFT'S VIEL SUGGESTION OF HUMAN CHILD DIGESTION The publication A Modest Proposal by former distinguished writer Jonathan Swift was released yesterday among a large air of controversy. The outline of this publication was meant to show the harsh ways that the Irish landlords were treating their tenants, but this has spat back in Swift's face. The Irish born writer who later moved to England wanted to create a real picture of the state and standard of living of the common landlord tenants. He tries to use humour to show what would be an ideal solution to the supposed problem of poor working and living conditions of these tenants. He says that the way to solve the problem would to be to kill all of the children and eat them thus solving two problems at once. If all the children were eaten, then the tenant's standard of living would increase because there would be once less mouth to feed but the child would also provide food for the parents and family so they could have a higher standard of living. This so called Irish writer who has betrayed his country by moving to England hasn't set foot in Ireland for years. ...read more.


The first could be about the famous, popular writer Jonathan Swift being maybe life threateningly ill so to a popular public figure, this could be a tragic story. On the other hand, the main headline could suggest what it really means, that Jonathan Swift has produced something or done something sickly. By having this technique at the start of the article, then it draws the reader's attention and already starts sparking off ideas in the reader's head about what the article could be about. I would have this story on the front page of the newspaper because then the reader would see this story first and be more likely to read it thoroughly that is it was on the fourth or fifth page. The sub heading "Jonathan Swift's Veil Suggestion of Human Child Digestion" shows the tabloid character of headings in newspapers because they always try and invent a headline that will sound good and will portray the whole story up in a fairly accurate summary, which will also try and catch the readers attention. I decided to create a newspaper called the "Irish Herald" because I wanted to use the viewpoint of the wealthy Irish Catholics who would be the main attackers of this text. ...read more.


I used imagery of spitting to start off the piece of writing and to end the writing to show the disgust of the newspaper and general public who may have had very strong opinions of this writing. This actual idea and imagery of spitting is one of the most vulgar ways to show your anger or annoyance at something, which would really show bad negative feelings towards something. I wrote "The outline of this publication was meant to show the harsh ways that the Irish landlords were treating their tenants, but this has spat back in Swift's face" which shows the subjective thoughts of the Irish Herald who thinks its ironic that Swift could think he could get away with writing this about the Irish. I used at the end of the writing "if he wants his home nation's heart back, he needs to spit it out first". The meaning of this being that the paper is trying to generalise the public's opinion about betrayal of their own country being as the heart is a symbol for love that he needs to be rid of all his Irish connections. I also wrote it to try and match the physical vulgar imagery used in A Modest Proposal of the image of Swift actually choking up his own heart that he would physically die because the paper has such a strong negative opinion of him. ...read more.

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