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Similarities between " Disabled" and " Does it matter?"

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English writing essay draft Similarities between " Disabled" and " Does it matter?" Both poems analyze what life is like for people who become disabled in the war and are left, forgotten, in caring homes where nobody comes to see them and they have to just sit their, watching television or listening to the radio to find out how their comrades are doing. They both mention, almost mockingly (definitely "Does it matter") how few people come to visit them in care. E.g. " for people will always be kind" and "only a solemn man thanked him and then inquired about his soul" Both poems mention how much the disabled people envy " the ones that were whole" and how much they wished they too could be whole. Both poems also mention how the disabled people remeniss what the " good old days " were like. E.g. " about this time the town used to swing so gay " and " as you sit on the terrace remembering ...read more.


"Disabled" goes into a lot of detail about the mans life before the war (e.g. " it was after football, when he'd drunk a peg") but "does it matter?" only talks about what life is like after a person is injured (e.g. " you can drink and forget and be glad"). The whole point of "does it matter?" is to mock how the disabled are ignored and how few people come to visit them (e.g. "and people won't say that you're mad; for they'll know that you've fought for your country") while "disabled" mainly focuses on how poorly the disabled are treated (e.g. " now, he will spend a few sick years in institutes, and do whatever rules consider wise"). But in every way both poems are trying to portray the same image, the fact that people do not just disappear after they have fought in the war, they do not just get better and live on as usual, but they have to live with the thought in their heads that life will never be the same again but nobody cares. ...read more.


In the third verse " volleyed and thundered" is clearly referring the gunfire and is a good metaphor with " stormed at with shot and shell". The forth and fifth verses are helped with the rhyming of "wondered", "blundered", "thundered" and "sundered" which also rhyme with the "six hundred" and the end of the verse. The sixth verse starts more frantically with " cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them, cannon behind them", the "Light Brigade seem to be caught in a tricky situation but they still plough on through the " shot and shell". The seventh, final verse ends the poem with how the glory of the Light Brigade will never fade and how we should honor them for them for their brave deeds. About " The Soldier": The Soldier is a much shorter poem than " Charge of the Light Brigade" but it follows the style of it but not the same idea. The Soldier is as if ...read more.

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