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Sir Gawain shows chivalry by being loyal to his king. A mysterious knight shows up at the kings castle and calls himself the Green Knight

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Yousif 3 Alex Russo Mrs. Goidosik 11 AA English, 4th Hour October 26th, 2012 Cowardly or Chivalrous? Everywhere you go, people show qualities that demonstrate themselves as a chivalrous person. A warm-hearted man with kind eyes and a bright smile will go out of his way to open a door for a little, elder woman. Additionally, a man who wanders in a grocery store finds a wallet on the floor, but returns it to its rightful owner instead of taking it for himself. These types of acts show chivalry today. Chivalry is a code of conduct that required knights to be brave, loyal, and respectful to women. The knight, Sir Gawain, from ?Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? is a chivalrous knight. ...read more.


?I beseech you, Sire,? he said, ?Let this game be mine? (Gardener 231). Sir Gawain says that statement when King Arthur is about to take the axe from the Green Knight and play the game. Treating women fairly and with respect is also another quality of being chivalrous. Sir Gawain demonstrates this quality when he is with the Lord?s wife. He did not take advantage of her while he stayed at their castle. When the lady attempted to seduce him, Gawain resisted her. ?My lady gay, I can hardly take gifts at the moment; having nothing to give, I?d be wrong to take gifts in turn? (233). Sir Gawain shows respect to the lady by not being too greedy and refusing her gifts. ...read more.


Although, some might say that Gawain was not being courageous when he flinched and turned away the first time the Green Knight brought the axe down for the first blow, after promising he would take the blow fearlessly. Sir Gawain does not do everything perfect. Like all of us, he is human. This means that he will make mistakes and cross roads that will tempt him to break the code of chivalry. He cannot live up to every standard of a chivalrous knight. The morals that he set for himself were really high, but he conveyed loyalty, bravery, and respectfulness that made him one of the most chivalric of all the knights described in literature. ...read more.

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